Award For Outstanding Paper
University award for publishing
New Titanium Implant Addresses Mechanical Mismatch between Implants and Surrounding Bones
The Role of Oxygenated Surface Functional Groups on the Reactivity of Soot Particles
Novel Insights to Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques in the Middle East
MEEN Seminar: High G for Zero C
3rd CeCaS International Workshop: Catalysis and Separation Towards Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon Emissions (ZeroC)
Creating SoRoSim: A MATLAB Toolbox for Soft Robotics Modeling and Simulation
Vortex Tornado Image Wins Milton Van Dyke Award
MEEN Seminar: Flexible Electronics for Human-Interactive Technologies
L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Middle East Regional Young Talents Program Honors Five Trailblazing Arab Female Scientists from the GCC
MEEN Seminar: Architected and Multifunctional Materials Enabled Via Additive Manufacturing
New, More Robust Optical Fibers for Temperature Sensing Possible with Additive Manufacturing
Fahad Nawar Al-Otaibi Wins Outstanding Paper Award at the MTCUE 2022 Conference
How Fish Gills Inspired Clog-Free Filters to Tackle Ocean Pollution
Mechanical Engineering MSc Student Wins Best Paper in UAE GRSC 2022
Developing 3D Printed Glasses to Correct Colorblindness
Color-Changing, Holographic Fresnel Lenses Made Possible with Additive Manufacturing
Advances in Flexible Pressure Sensors Using 3D Printing and 2D Materials
A Promising Anchoring Material for Lithium-sulfur Batteries
MEEN Webinar: Soft Robotics: A Random Walk from Bioinspiration to Geometric Mechanics
MEEN Seminar: "Computational Biomechanics of the Human Spine: Applications and Outcomes"
ASME Lecture: Novel Latticing Design for AM & 3D Printing of Engineered Systems
A New Method Developed to Fabricate and Fine Tune 3D-Covalent Organic Framework Membranes
MEEN Seminar: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Visual Servoing
Floating Hydrogels Could Produce Eco-friendly Clean Water from Salty Water
MEEN Seminar: Thermal Energy Storage Recycled Ceramic Materials: From Idea to Startup Company
MEEN Webinar: "Applications of Mechanical Engineering in Spacecraft Technologies" by Dr. Firas Jarrar
Discussion Forum with Alumni and Senior Students
3D Printed Toy Solar Car Competition
Discussion Forum with Alumni and Senior Students
Dr. Irfan Hussain Delivers Human-Centered Robotics Webinar
KU Students Learn about UAE Energy Sector at Total and Institut Francais Youth Hackathon
Harnessing Capillary Action and Solar Energy to Improve Evaporation and Produce Clean Water
Khalifa University Graduation Ceremony 2021 to be held virtually on 26 May
Dr. Daniel Choi Talks about the ‘Wonder’ Battery at the Innovation@UAE Majlis