Department of Mechanical Engineering

Fahad Nawar Al-Otaibi Wins Outstanding Paper Award at the MTCUE 2022 Conference

September 6, 2022

PhD Mechanical Engineering student Fahad Nawar Al-Otaibi received the Outstanding Paper Award at the 1st World Conference on Multiphase Transportation, Conversion & Utilization of Energy (MTCUE) 2022. The hybrid conference is a platform for industry experts, academics, and students to discuss the challenges, as well as new research, in multiphase flow, including the basic phenomena and theory, the modeling and mathematical methods, the interface reaction and process, etc.


The Outstanding Paper Award is given to participating researchers whose paper has the best overall contribution to the subject discipline. The conference received 314 papers, and Fahad’s paper, “Numerical Study of Dry Reforming of Methane in Fixed & Fluidized Beds,” received the accolade under the Organic Waste Conversion and Utilization category.


Under the supervision of Dr. Abdallah S. Berrouk, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Kyriaki Polychronopoulou, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Fahad has developed optimized CFD models that unlock the full capacity of dry reformation of methane from its challenging designs and potentially replace the steam reformation of methane processes known for emitting serious concerning amounts of greenhouse gases.


Fahad’s paper is part of the continuing research efforts of the Center of Catalysis and Separation (CeCaS) to enhance the efficiency of petrochemical processes and reduce their carbon footprint.


Ara Maj Cruz
Features Writer
6 September 2022