Technology, Management & Innovation

The Office of Technology Management & Innovation is responsible for the protection, management and commercialization of the University’s research discoveries. We work closely with faculty, researchers and students to identify transformational inventions and translate these inventions into viable business opportunities and commercial products through the formation of startups and/or technology licensing to industry partners. We support the entrepreneurial research-driven innovation ecosystem in the University to actively contribute to UAE’s knowledge-based economy.


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To accelerate the commercialization of the university’s research inventions and intellectual property to:

– Achieve the widest public benefit.
– Promote economic development in Abu Dhabi and UAE.
– Raise the visibility of the University as a pivot of innovation in science



To be a recognized leader for best practices in management and commercialization of intellectual property resulting from the university’s scientific and academic research.

The steps to commercialization begins with scientific or academic research activities and experiments during which observations and unexpected results occur.

This can be achieved by individual researcher or multiple researchers. A research discovery can be considered as invention if it is novel, useful and non-obvious. The office is tasked with helping to assess your invention once it is submitted.