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The Career and Alumni Services Office is proud to serve our distinguished KU alumni. Our support doesn’t end after your graduation. Whether you are a job seeker, employer, or looking for career advice, we offer you our services.


Alumni Office Vision

To engage KU alumni with our current students through active participation in the life and success of KU, making them inspired, motivated, and proud.


About the Alumni Office

The Alumni Office was established to enhance and sustain the close engagement of the alumni with the university. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive support and services for all Khalifa University alumni, such as training opportunities, employment opportunities, outreach programs, and more.

The Office aims to support our alumni to be ready for employment by offering workshops and learning opportunities for resume with cover letter writing, interview preparation, and networking skills development.​ We work very closely with industry partners and employers to provide suitable career opportunities for our graduates. We aim to support motivated graduates looking to build a career in their chosen industry or discipline by introducing them to possible job opportunities.

Whether you are seeking a job, keen to engage with the university, or interested in hiring KU students, you are an essential part of our community and we invite you to connect with us and benefit from our support services and events dedicated exclusively for you.

Alumni Platform
Alumni Platform

Stay Connected!

KU is here for you after you graduate, wherever you are in the world. Get access to an exclusive network of our alumni through the KU Alumni Platform

Here are the benefits of joining this online community:

  • Interact with your fellow alumni to know how they doing professionally;
  • Stay up to date with KU News and new events happening at the university;
  • Network with a community that is willing to help and support your professional growth;
  • Find new job opportunities;
  • Share your story and inspire others; and finally
  • Create your legacy by giving back to your university.


Stay connected and get in touch with your community of over 5,000 alumni! Register now on the KU Alumni Platform.

Alumni Card
Alumni Card

The Alumni Card is your official alumni ID, providing access to KU campuses, libraries, gym, and sports fields, as well as special discounts and offers from our partner establishments. All KU graduates are eligible to have an Alumni Card except the below:

  1. KU graduates that are currently studying at Khalifa University (Master or PhD)
  2. KU graduates that are current staff/faculty at Khalifa University

To obtain your KU Alumni card, please follow the below steps:

  • If you forgot or didn’t know your KU ID number, please email us at to get your KU ID (The application requires your KU ID that starts with 1000XXXXX).
  • Please click here to apply for your Alumni card using your KU ID.
  • Fill your details accurately and apply for your alumni card; the profile picture should match the below criteria:
    1. Passport size picture
    2. Colored
    3. A clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media
    4. A plain white or off-white background
    5. JPG format

Request your Alumni Card and re-connect with KU!

Alumni Spotlight
Alumni Spotlight

Volunteering to share your experience and expertise with students and fellow alumni is a great way to give something back to KU. The Alumni Spotlight features stories of outstanding KU alumni in their fields. Accomplishments in their career or work in their community, are highlighted and celebrated on KU’s website and social media accounts. Connect with us to tell us your success story.


Apply HERE


If a link is not available, please attach your CV to the application
Digital photo link



Career Advice
Career Advice

Career Advisors are available to support KU graduates for two years after they have graduated. The Office offers individual and group career advice sessions throughout the year. You are also welcome to book an appointment with our advisors HERE.

Alumni Association Council
Alumni Association Council

The council is responsible for planning programs and initiatives that support KU’s goals and objectives. One of the primary purposes of the Alumni Association Council is to build and maintain lifelong relationships between KU and its alumni.  It provides a platform where our alumni can expand their professional network and social circles, as well as foster a sense of loyalty to the university, through events and programs hosted by KU, such as mentorship, support, communication and lifelong learning.

General Information

The Council:

  • Provides alumni with a sense of community and belonging for the purpose of keeping them emotionally connected and actively engaged with the University throughout their lives.
  • Represents the alumni community and their interests.
  • Communicates with the alumni community to promote alumni relations programs and services.
  • Works with the Office of Alumni Relations to build the brand, image, and reputation of the Alumni Association and the University, proposing long-term plans and strategies that support KU’s strategic objectives.
  • Creates meaningful opportunities for alumni success.

KUAAC Structure

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Two (2) Special Interest Chairs


  • All KU alumni are eligible to apply.
  • Current students and KU employees are not eligible.
  • Demonstrates strong leadership skills and familiarity with the programs and activities of the Association.
  • Shows commitment to the Association’s objectives.
  • Has a strong profile with outstanding achievement.
  • Passed KU screening interview.

Selection Criteria

KU alumni who:

  • Demonstrates strong leadership skills and familiarity with the programs and activities of the Association.
  • Shows commitment to the Association’s objectives. 
  • Has a strong profile with outstanding achievements.
  • Passed the KU screening interview.

How to apply

If you are interested in serving the KU Alumni Association Council then Click Here to apply.

Voting Process

All KU alumni are eligible to vote in the Alumni Association Council Elections. The nomination of alumni to be a member of the Alumni Association Council will be via the online application form.


For inquiries please contact us at:

Alumni Awards
Alumni Awards

KU Alumni are expected to distinguish themselves through outstanding service to their university, communities, country, and beyond. The KU Alumni Awards recognize those outstanding alumni and demonstrate the university’s pride in their accomplishments and successes.

Stay tuned for more information.

Update Your Alumni Record
Update Your Alumni Record

An updated alumni database means the connection between KU and the alumni is active and the power of our graduates is available to build a strong alumni community.  Update your contact information to make sure you receive email notifications of events, job opportunities, graduate trainings, and news at KU.


Update your record HERE

Request Official Certificates
Request Official Certificates

If you are a KU alumni you can request official certificates.  Below are the types of documentation you can order from the University, which will provide proof of your education at KU. 

  • Degree Certificate
  • Academic Transcript


Request Now

Alumni Events
Alumni Events

We want to see you here!

We offer a variety of virtual and in-person events year-round to help you network with fellow alumni, continue to learn, and share good times – wherever you are! We hope you join us on our various alumni events.

Alumni Reunion

KU will invite its precious alumni to return to campus for fun, free, celebratory gatherings throughout the year to meet our leadership, find out what’s happening on campus, and reconnect with former classmates and professors.

Career Bootcamp

The Career Boot Camp is offered to our graduates who have not started their careers yet.  During the event, several sessions are offered by senior experts from different industries. The Boot Camp aims to assist graduates in acquiring the needed skills for future jobs. These sessions cover various career-related topics, including, but not limited to, job market trends & challenges, personal branding & employability skills, understanding the future of work, and rocking the LinkedIn profile.

Alumni Inspirational Talks

KU is proud of you, your achievements, and the contributions you make to your fields and communities. We invite you to be part of our Alumni Inspirational Talks.  Please allow us to celebrate your success with you and promote aspiration through your inspiring story.

Interested to inspire KU students and fellow alumni? 


Register HERE


If a link is not available, please attach your CV to the application
Digital photo link



Career Fairs and Networking Events

Alumni are welcome to attend annual career fairs and networking events where employers from different industries are seeking candidates from all educational and work experience backgrounds. Don’t miss these events as they are an excellent opportunity for you to interact and engage with hiring organizations. These events are designed to support you in getting hired and expanding your business network. 

KU Major Events

We are always delight to invite our alumni to KU major events. Events such as the National Day Celebration, Global Day, Innovation Day, and many more are occasions where we love to reconnect with our alumni and bring them back to KU. These events provide an excellent chance for you to get in touch with us, network, and meet valuable connections.

Alumni Sport Activities

Alumni who receive the alumni card can enjoy and participate in various sport events associated with the KU Sports Team. This engagement, which also promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie, expands your network of contacts and your university experience. If you have your alumni card and would like to organize your own exciting sporting events on campus, please email us at