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Dr. Daniel Choi Talks about the ‘Wonder’ Battery at the Innovation@UAE Majlis

April 15, 2021

Dr. Daniel Choi, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, was one of the invited speakers at the Innovation@UAE Majlis Research Talk Series on 29 March 2021. Organized by the Ministry of Education, this webinar focused on space-related research.


Along with Dr. Choi, the other speakers at the event were Nour Abu Raad, Researcher at the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Space Research at the University of Dubai, and Aisha Al Owais, Research Assistant at the Sharjah Academy for Space, Astronomy, Science, and Technology at the University of Sharjah. The session was moderated by Dr. Hend Al Tair, Director of Department of Science, Technology and Scientific Research, Ministry of Education.


During his talk, Dr. Choi introduced the ‘Wonder’ Flexible Battery, a thin battery intended primarily for space and aerospace applications but can also be used in wearable applications. Dr. Choi and his team were able to produce a battery that weighs less than 20 percent of the weight of a traditional battery.  “You would expect a large trade-off in energy density, but for the same volume of a traditional battery, ours offers approximately 90 percent the same energy density,” Dr. Choi said.


“Another advantage of our ‘flexible’ battery for space applications is that the flexibility of the nanocomposite material means it can be shaped to fit any odd or underutilized space inside and outside of the spacecraft instead of requiring a dedicated space to be built in, which can reduce the total weight of the spacecraft,” Dr. Choi explained.


After each presentation, attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions, opening an engaging discussion on current and future space research in the UAE. This series of webinars are part of the Ministry’s mission of advancing and supporting academic research in the country by giving a platform to academic researchers leading innovative projects of relevance to the UAE. The interactions between academic researchers and the public increase science engagement and contribute to scientific literacy and public participation in science.


 Ara Maj Cruz
Creative Writer
15 April 2021