Department of Mechanical Engineering

Vortex Tornado Image Wins Milton Van Dyke Award

December 13, 2022

Dr. Hamid Ait Abderrahmane, Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor, and his collaborators from abroad were awarded one of the three Milton Van Dyke Awards for their poster at the 41st Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion. They were recognized during the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS DFD) in Indianapolis, USA.


The Gallery of Fluid Motion highlights posters and videos showing not only the science but also the beauty of fluid motion. Participants submit graphic representations of their research that explain the work’s science through beautiful fluid motion. A distinguished panel of judges selects the best images and videos to receive the Milton Van Dyke Awards. The award is named after Milton Van Dyke, a renowned scientist best known for his work in fluid dynamics. Van Dyke was a pioneer in highlighting the aesthetic appeal and the scientific usefulness of flow visualization.

Dr. Hamid and his team’s poster, “Multiple Vortex Tornadoes in a Bucket,” shows the finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE) patterns in an experimental model of the attenuation of a 3- to a 2-vortex tornado. From the image, you can see transitions in the shallow layer of water after a reduction in the disk speed at the bottom of the cylindrical bucket.