Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Irfan Hussain Delivers Human-Centered Robotics Webinar

November 11, 2021

Dr. Irfan Hussain, Assistant Professor in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering, delivered a webinar titled “Human Centered Robotics and Its Applications in Healthcare and Industry” on Thursday, 11 November.


Human-centered robotics (HCR) focuses on the science and systems needed for robots to interact, assist and cooperate with humans. HCR holds a special place in the robotics field because they both mimic human sensing/actuation (Physical Intelligence) and cognitive behavior (Artificial Intelligence), and are designed to assist humans for safety and productivity. To explore human-centered robotics is to explore human beings and how we sense the world, analyze complex and often conflicting information, and act upon our findings, modifying perception, understanding, and action as new information is available. Such machines could be of great practical benefit to humans on long space flights to Mars, for instance, or as human proxies in hazardous environments or healthcare and Industry. HCR is a multifaceted and challenging domain which entails robot operation in human environments and close interaction with non-professional users. Obviously, creating human-centered robots poses many challenges in conception, design, and the hardware and software that support them. In this keynote, I will introduce our work in human centered robotics and its applications to healthcare and Industry.