Aerospace Engineering is one of the most exciting and challenging engineering disciplines. It deals with the design and development of new technologies in aviation, space, and defense systems. It involves designing and manufacturing advanced components and systems for commercial and military vehicles. It is a result of merging two branches:

  • Aeronautical engineering: Aeronautics deals with systems that operate within Earth Atmosphere: aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, and missiles.
  • Astronautical engineering: Astronautics deals with systems that perform outside of Earth Atmosphere or Space: rockets, satellites, and spacecraft.

In general, aerospace engineers are provided with specialized skills in several aspects: designing, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of aviation, space, and defense systems.


Why Aerospace Engineering?

The continued global expansion of the aviation and aerospace industries is driving strong demand for aerospace engineers. In the UAE, as well as the Middle East, the aerospace industry has continued to expand at a rate significantly above the global average. The geographic and economic positions of the UAE are two of the drivers spurring the growth of aircraft manufacturing, maintenance repair-overhaul (MRO) facilities, and space-related industries.

Our programs at the Khalifa University offer training at both levels: the theoretical such as aircraft systems and design, space mission analysis and satellite modeling, and the practical level that involved assembly, testing, and operations of these systems.

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Academic Faculty



Graduate Students

Ali Rauf Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Omar Mamoun Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Muhammad Yasir Khalid Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Neelam Jehan Majeed Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Noora Alahmed Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Rajasekar Ramachandran Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Muhammad Jamil Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Randa A. Almadhoun Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Xiaoqian Huang Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Mubarak Yakubu Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Andrei Shumeiko Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Khaja Fayaz Hussain PhD Student
Khaja Faisal Hussain PhD Student
Adham Alkhaja PhD Student
Mariam Al Dhaheri PhD Student
Yusra Alkendi PhD Student
Burhani Burhani PhD Student
Zawar Haider PhD Student
Khawlah Alabdouli Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Tauha Irfan Khan PhD Student
Tayyab Khan PhD Student
Rafath Abdul Nasar PhD Student
Omnia Khattab Graduate Student, MSC
Ada Altybayeva Graduate Student, MSC
Hamad Almarzooqi Graduate Student, MSC
Reem Abdulla Graduate Student, MSC
Amer Almerri Graduate Student, MSC
Norhan Elocla Graduate Student, MSC
Hamad Alhammadi Graduate Student, MSC
Reem Alhefeiti Graduate Student, MSC
Bara'ah Fraihat Graduate Student, MSC
Afnan Elmubasher Graduate Student, MSC
Kaleemullah Mohammed MSc Student
Omar Yasser Abass MSc Student
Marwan Mamdouh Gomaa MSc Student
Anees Basheer Peringal Graduate Student, MSC
Islam Mohamed Zaid Graduate Student, MSC