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The continued global expansion of the aviation and aerospace industries is driving a strong demand for aerospace engineers. In the UAE, as well as the Middle East, the aerospace industry has continued to expand at a rate significantly above the global average. The geographic and economic positions of the UAE are two of the drivers spurring the growth of aircraft manufacturing, maintenance repair-overhaul (MRO) facilities, and space-related industries.

Career Specializations

Systems Engineering Testing
Design Computational Analysis
Project Management Research and Development

Employment Opportunities

Aerospace Engineers are employed in the following fields:

  • Aviation Industries (design, development, and fabrication of airplane propulsion, structural and aerodynamic systems)
  • Space Vehicle and Launch Vehicle Industries
  • Industries involving aerodynamics, materials, engines, and control, such as the automotive sector, conventional and alternative energy.

Academic Faculty

Dr. Rehan Umer Associate Professor & Acting Chair, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Wesley Cantwell Professor, Associate Dean for Research, & Director of ARIC
Dr. Sean Shan Min Swei Professor of Practice & Director of KUSTIC
Dr. Mohammad A. Al Shudeifat Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Kamran Ahmed Khan Associate Professor & Center Manager of ADAM Center



Graduate Students

Mariam Al Dhaheri Graduate Student
Somayya Mohamed Graduate Student
Yusra Alkendi Graduate Student
Adham Alkhaja Graduate Student
Burhani Burhani Graduate Student
Rahul Venkatesan Graduate Student
Habeebullah Abdulkadir Graduate Student
Muhammad Ansyar Putra Graduate Student
Mattia Ricchi Graduate Student
Rafath Abdul Nasar Graduate Student
Nedal Abdul-Fattah Lehlooh Graduate Student