Dr. Sanjeev Rao
Dr. sanjeev rao Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering

Contact Information
sanjeev.rao@ku.ac.ae +971 2 312 4143


Dr. Sanjeev Rao is a Manufacturing Engineer and an academic by profession. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Khalifa University, UAE. He has extensive experience in materials manufacturing and processing (M&P) engineering and currently provides M&P support to domestic composites manufacturing industries in the UAE. His research focus is on sustainability, automation and advanced composite manufacturing in view of industry 4.0. His expertise is in progressing low-mid TRL technologies to MRL stages, and has successfully delivered several projects in his current role. Dr. Rao has published five books/chapters, several refereed journal and conference articles.

  • PhD
  • ME
  • BE

  • Senior Design Project 2 (AERO498)
  • Senior Design Project I (AERO497)
  • Statics (AERO200)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Advanced Research and Innovation Center

Research Interests
  • Advanced composites manufacturing, Application of MBSE framework in composites manufacturing, Implementation of Digital Twin Technology in Composites Manufacturing, Data driven Product Design and Manufacturing.
  • Sustainability, Recycling and Upcycling of Composite materials.

Research Projects

Title: Upcycling of aerospace carbon scrap

The project involves designing and manufacturing 

Title: Manufacturing commercial aircraft ribs using thermoplastic composites

The project involves developing stamp-forming capability to manufacture aircraft ribs using thermoplastic composites.

Title: Application of SPC techniques to reduce process variabilities in commercial aircraft spoiler bond assembly

The project involves implementation six-sigma tools to improve the proces capability.

Title: Integration of in-process monitoring to assess potential core and monolithic damage in commercial aircraft flap track fairing during part layup

Title: Safety limit establishment for BMS8-256 materials in OEM cure cycle

The project involved examining the effect of temperature ramp rate on the composite property, the degree of cure at different stages of cure, variation of interlaminar shear strength, associated fatigue, creep and recovery property and design an optimised cure cycle.

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Joel Bernal Research Technician
Satish Verenkar Research Technician
Harsha Madicharla Research Engineer