The degree of Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (MSc in AERO) is awarded for successfully completing the requirements of a program of study, which includes taught courses as well as a thesis. The thesis is an independent investigation of specialized areas within the general field of aerospace engineering and associated disciplines.

The MSc degree gives candidates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the broad field of Aerospace Engineering (AERO) and contribute to the process of discovery and knowledge creation through the conduct of original research.

Candidates for this degree are taught and supervised by experienced faculty and are expected to demonstrate initiative in their approach and innovation in their work. In addition to successfully completing the taught course component of the program, candidates prepare and present a thesis on their chosen area. Research may be undertaken in several topics corresponding to the areas of focus identified by the University.

Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the MSAE program are to produce graduates who:

  • Advance professionally and be recognized as leaders in their respective careers in Aerospace Engineering in industry, government, and academia.
  • Apply their technical expertise to address the needs of society in a critical, creative, ethical, and innovative manner to solve problems related to Aerospace Engineering that are locally and globally relevant.
  • Further develop their knowledge and skills through graduate education and professional schools.
Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with the MSAE degree will be able to:


Identify, formulate, and solve advanced Aerospace Engineering problems through the application of modern tools and techniques and advanced knowledge of mathematics and engineering science.


Acquire knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of Aerospace Engineering and develop an aptitude for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze, interpret data and make decisions.


Conduct research and document and defend the research results.


Function in teams and communicate effectively.


Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

Career Opportunities

The Aerospace Engineering graduate program at Khalifa University is one of the most cutting edge, state-of-the-art and innovative programs in the region. The program offers world-class graduate-level engineering education and research opportunities. The earned skills during the study period will trigger highly logical thought process that can translate well into industrial applications.

A graduate of the program will learn how to apply advanced skills related to aerospace engineering and make calculations on every aspect of an aircraft/spacecraft design. This includes aerodynamics, propulsion, stability and control, materials and manufacturing, electronic systems and much more.

Due to the diverse range of studied subjects, job opportunities are not only limited to aerospace related industries, they can be found in different disciplines. The program aims to attract students with a diverse background in Mechanical, Materials, Electronics, Mechatronics and other related disciplines of engineering and science, and cultivate them with unmatched academic and research expertise to lead projects in various high-tech industries.

The graduates can become outstanding researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industrial leaders as well as strong independent academic scholars. Their skills develop in areas that include but are not limited to: aerodynamics, astronautics, space mechanics, composite materials, aircraft/spacecraft/UAV Design, flight stability and control, aeroelasticity, and propulsion.

The job prospects are very wide and varied, with opportunities doing many different jobs within the aviation and space sector. In addition to global aerospace employers such as Boeing, Airbus, Diehl, and NASA, within the UAE, the graduates can work in the defense and security sector, Tawazun Group, STRATA, Yahsat, MBRSC, Mubadala Group, GAL, Calidus, Etihad and Emirates airlines, and the educational sector. Furthermore, graduates go through rigorous training and research experience to help them pursue their studies at PhD level.

Course Description

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