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One of the main pillars of Abu Dhabi’s social, political and economic future is a sustainable knowledge-based economy, as outlined in the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. The overarching purpose of the College of Engineering at the Khalifa University of Science and Technology is to work towards this vision by advancing the discovery of new knowledge, its dissemination and exploitation. The College of Engineering is distinguishing itself as a major contributor towards economic diversification within Abu Dhabi and the region, particularly through its close alignment with growing regional industries in key themes such as energy, aerospace, healthcare, transportation and telecommunications.

The College of Engineering is a vibrant community of academic scholars, students and staff who are dedicated to engineering education and innovation for the ultimate benefit of society. The College empowers students with a great sense of purposeful academic curiosity of the physical world and appreciation of the social and environmental context within a rapidly changing world.

The College of Engineering serves the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the nation, and the world by providing students with holistic education underpinned by the principle of engineering with a purpose, thus empowering them to be outstanding leaders in discovering new knowledge as a catalyst for business innovation, particularly towards the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. The College also plays an integral role towards this vision by conducting cutting edge fundamental, multidisciplinary and translational research in key strategic areas such as information and communication technology, aerospace, transport and logistics, healthcare, and energy and the environment.

To be a world class centre of excellence in engineering education, research, and knowledge transfer and hence be a catalyst for economic development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Our Values

  • We strive to be excellent in all we do within a collegial environment.
  • We are ethical and adhere to the principles of integrity, fairness and transparency.
  • We have a strong sense of community both within the university and also within the wider society, which is guided by our ultimate honorable aim to serve humanity.
  • We undertake our duties with full responsibility and accountability.

University General Education Requirements (43 credits)

ENGL111 English Communication I

(4 cr.)

ENGL112 English Communication II

(4 cr.)

CHEM115 General Chemistry I

(4 cr.)

PHYS122 University Physics II

(4 cr.)

PHYS121 University Physics I

(4 cr.)

MATH111 Calculus I

(4 cr.)

MATH112 Calculus II

(4 cr.)

Two 3-credit courses in Business/Economics are required for all students. For the College of Engineering, BUSS 322 cannot be used to satisfy Business/Economics requirement.

Three 3-credit courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences are required for all students. Language courses may not be used to fulfil Humanities and Social Sciences requirement. Students must take at least one course in the area of Islamic Studies and Culture. The current list of courses in this area (Islamic Studies and Culture) includes: HUMA102 Islamic Culture, HUMA111 Islamic History, HUMA112 Sciences in Islam, HUMA210 Introduction to Islamic Law, and HUMA211 Islam and Modernity. The Office of Registration keeps an updated list of the approved courses in this category.

College of Engineering Requirements (27 credits)

In addition to the 20 credits of Math/Science GERs, a minimum of 12 credits of major-dependent Math/Science courses are required by the College of Engineering.

ENGR111 Engineering Design

(4 cr.)

ENGR112/113 Introduction to Computing

(4 cr.)

ENGR311 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering Design

(4 cr.)

All students must completeat least 3 credits of free electives which are intended to provide students with flexibility to support their career paths and individual interests. They will support the development of technical expertise within the student’s disciplines, undergraduate research and independent study opportunities, or a minor outside engineering. They can also be used for an additional Humanities and Social Sciences course or any other course offered by the University.

An Engineering program with a concentration may replace the 3 credits of free electives with a required 3-credit concentration course.

The newly-established Khalifa University of Science and Technology combines The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research and The Petroleum Institute into one world-class, research-intensive institution, seamlessly integrating research and education to produce world leaders and critical thinkers in applied science and engineering. Khalifa University endeavors to be a leader among research intensive universities of the 21st century, while catalyzing the growth of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s rapidly developing knowledge economy.

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  • Build strong foundations based on integrated research and academics
  • Engage leading industry, government and academic organizations for partnership
  • Perform research that produces excellence in science and engineering while being inspired by practical application
  • Translate discoveries and inventions into innovations that create commercial value


  • To establish and continually evolve interdisciplinary, collaborative research and development capabilities in the UAE’s priority science and technology domains.
  • To achieve global research impact through excellence in research of regional importance.

Targeted Outcomes

  • World-class performance in manpower development, knowledge creation and innovation

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