The MSc in Applied Chemistry is awarded to candidates who successfully complete the academic courses and research thesis requirements of the program. The program is intended for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or other related specialization. The program’s typical length is four semesters, with the first three semesters requiring the completion of a combination of course work and thesis work, and the final semester only requiring thesis work and writing. The program is designed to give candidates an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of chemistry and develop research expertise and skills in instrumentation and methodology that will prepare them for careers in applied chemistry or to pursue a doctorate degree.

Program Objectives
Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Applied Chemistry, the graduates will:

  1. Be able to apply advanced concepts of fundamental and applied chemistry to the formulation and solution of complex problems in the oil and gas and related industries;
  2. Develop and potentially publish the results of their research in peer-reviewed journals;
  3. Have sufficient experience to successfully begin a PhD program in applied chemistry in a recognized university; and
  4. Be equipped with the knowledge and skills in applied chemistry to meet requirements of appropriate job opportunities at chemical companies.
Study Plan