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Earth Science is the scientific study of Planet Earth and its geologic systems and processes. It includes the study of Earth’s internal structure, minerals, soil, atmosphere, oceans, as well as water and energy resources. Combining the fields of geology, physics, chemistry, and biology, an earth scientist explores how Earth’s natural systems work today, how they operated in the recent and ancient past, and how we expect they may behave in the future. Earth Science is relevant to us all, every day.


Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences at Khalifa University

The Department of Earth Sciences offers students a modern educational program of two BSc majors, one in Earth and Planetary Sciences and one in Petroleum Geosciences. Further, our Graduate Program offers students the opportunity to pursue MSc in Petroleum Geosciences and a PhD degree in Earth Science. We provide high-quality education in geology and geophysics to prepare students for a wide range of socially and ethically responsible professional careers. All our students will take part in innovative projects which are part of our faculty member’s wide-ranging research activity.


Graduates will be able to apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, and geophysics to formulate solutions to various geoscience problems. They will further have demonstrated an awareness of the social, ethical, and professional responsibilities in the exploration and exploitation of energy and natural resources, and a concern for major regional and global social and environmental issues.


The Department of Earth Sciences at Khalifa University is an internationally recognized center of excellence in education and research in geology and geophysics, and is among the leading geoscience centers of education and research in the Middle East. Graduates can join both the local and international petroleum industry or may find career opportunities in governmental and non-governmental institutions. PhD graduates can also choose to pursue academic careers with universities in the UAE and abroad.


Watch interviews with some of our faculty on their respective research:


Exploring outer space from Earth’ with Dr. Mohamed Ramy Elmaarry, Associate Professor


‘Dinosaurs, volcanoes and acid oceans: why the climate of the past matters for the future’ with Dr. Aisha Al Suwaidi


‘What is Seismology?’ with Dr. Fateh Bouchaala




Academic Faculty



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Graduate Students

Alejandro Diaz Acosta PhD Student
Azeem Miskeen Shah PhD Student
Chao Bing Jin PhD Student
Guoqi Ma Ma PhD Student
Hind Yahya Sulieman PhD Student
Jianming Chen PhD Student
Lolita Herman Marheni PhD Student
Khadiga Mohamed Imam PhD Student
Margherita Denaro PhD Student
Mohammed Ali Jabir PhD Student
Mohamed Elfadly PhD Student
Moosoo Moosoo Won PhD Student
Ramon De Luca PhD Student
Saheed Adeosho PhD Student
Seda Rouxel PhD Student
Tianyu Cao PhD Student
Xiaolan Jia PhD Student
Yousef Ahmad Mashal PhD Student
Moamen Ali PhD Student

Faculty of the Department of Earth Sciences are engaged in research from a wide range of disciplines, which include studies of Earth’s surface and deep processes, space, geophysics, tectonics, sedimentology, paleontology, geochemistry, petrology, geological hazards, and environmental geoscience.

Research within the Department of Earth Sciences is fundamental in nature, but it underpins many of the most pressing societal questions of our time: climate and environmental change; natural hazards; natural resources; the origins of life both here on Earth, and elsewhere. Our ability to forecast the impact of human activities relies on our understanding of past changes the Earth system.

These Earth Sciences faculty projects are aligned with the KU priority research areas of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production, and Water and Environment and address the broad areas of Earth and planetary systems sciences, geochemistry, sedimentology and sedimentary basin analysis, reservoir characterization, and exploration geophysics.