The Environmental and Geophysical Sciences (ENGEOS) Lab at Khalifa University focuses on studying natural processes and addressing environmental challenges at local and regional scales to propose sustainable solutions and support science-based strategies for stakeholders and governmental entities.

The research activities at ENGEOS lab address land, atmospheric, and oceanic processes and the interactions between them. The overarching goal is to advance science in the field of environment and geophysics using remote sensing (both satellite and ground-based) and state-of-the-art numerical modeling techniques.

ENGEOS lab runs several research projects funded by government authorities and local and international stakeholders. ENGEOS ‘s activities are expanding rapidly in the UAE and the region to cover new applications such as renewable energies and address the need for the use of remote sensing and advanced numerical modeling to address environmental challenges with a local expertise and skills. This positions KU at the center of the rapidly expending scientific-research arena in the UAE and strengthens its position as a strategic partner in the knowledge-based economic development of the nation.

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