Dr. Emilio Porcu
Prof. emilio porcu Professor Mathematics

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Emilio is a Spatial Statistician and a Data Scientist. He has a trajectory of around 180 papers in top journals in his field. His interests range from the most challenges theoretical problems, to applications to Climate Change, as well as natural and antrhopogenic catastrophes. Emilio received several prestigious awards. Amongst them, the Stuart Hunter award from the Environmentrics Society. He has been awarded with the Elected Fellowship from International Statistical Institute as well as with prizes from universities in Europe, US and Latin America. He is also Honorary Ambassador of Chile for his scientific contributions when living in that country. 

  • Phd in Statistics, University of Milano
  • Ecole des Mines de Paris, Fontainebleau.

  • Advanced Statistics (ISYE433)
  • Data Analysis & Geostatistics (PGEG371)

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Research Interests
  • Data Science; Spatial Statistics; Climate; Catastrophes.

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Mireille Hantouche Postdoc