Research Opportunities


Welcome to the Department of Medical Sciences at Khalifa University College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Our diverse team of physicians, pharmacologists, scientists, and biomedical engineers are focused on addressing critical health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and autoimmune diseases to promote healthy aging.

With a commitment to translating research into tangible solutions, our impact extends beyond academic realms to directly benefit patients and contribute to public health improvement. We take pride in our strong collaborations with regional and international academic medical centers, fostering a global perspective on medical research.


Join us as we strive to make a meaningful difference in healthcare, where our collective efforts contribute to the betterment of lives and the advancement of medical science.


To enhance the healthcare ecosystem of Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates through outstanding education, research, and healthcare services for the community.


To be a leader in transforming the UAE healthcare ecosystem for a healthier nation.


Academic Faculty

Halah Ibrahim Hassen Associate Professor of Practice, Department Chair, Medical Sciences, Acting
Dr. kheirat habbal Assistant Professor, Strand Leader, Medicine and Society
Dr. kartik (carlo) rangaraj (raj) Assistant Professor, Office of Medical Education
Prof. senthil kumar rajasekaran Professor of Practice and Vice Dean of College of Medicine and Health Science
Dr. zakia dimassi Assistant Professor, Strand Leader, Clinical Science Strand
Prof. abdu adem Professor, Department Chair
Dr. eman alefishat Associate Professor, Assistant Dean Medical Education
Dr. ahmed kamal abdalgadir mohamed Clinical instructor, Interim Faculty Director of Simulation
Dr. Saleh Mohamed Saleh Ibrahim Professor, Associate Dean for Research