Zakia Dimassi
Dr. zakia dimassi Assistant Professor Strand Leader, Clinical Science Strand Pediatrics

Contact Information +97123125015


Dr. Zakia Dimassi is the strand leader for the Physicianship strand and has 11 years of experience in undergraduate medical education. Her training is in pediatrics at the American University of Beirut. She then pursued a master’s degree in health professions education at Maastricht University, and dedicated her professional path to medical education, particularly, clinical skills teaching and assessment, including the use of human simulation. She has also been on various projects involving medical school accreditation, competency-based medical education program development, and capacity development for health professionals. 

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Masters in Health Professions Education (MHPE)

  • Advanced Composite Materials Manufacturing (AERO702)
  • Clinical Skills I (MDCM600)
  • Clinical Skills II (MDCM700)
  • Physicianship I (MDPS601)
  • Physicianship II (MDPS700)
  • Physicianship III (MDPS800)
  • Physicianship IV (MDPS900)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers

Research Interests
  • medical education, including OSCEs, simulation, standardized patients, curricular design and assessment, and faculty and student well-being.

Research Projects

FSU project: BioREST: A multi-Biosignal platform and REsonance frequency training for improving cognitive function and REducing STress in medical students. By training medical students on achieving coherence between their heart rate and breathing using biofeedback, we aim to reduce their stress levels which should improve their mental wellbeing and academic performance



Cultural competence: exploring the effect of including cultural competence training into the curriculum on medical students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes on the subject in a simulated environment

Medical students’ clinical skills development


The role of peer-assisted learning on the acquisition and long-term retention of clinical skills in medical students