Kheirat Habbal
Dr. kheirat habbal Assistant Professor Strand Leader, Medicine and Society Medical Sciences

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Dr. Kheirat Habbal (Khairat Al Habbal) is passionate about designing programs to address challenges innovatively. The programs combine her expertise as a family physician, a medical educator, a global health consultant and a researcher.

As a medical educator and a family physician, she is currently an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, directing the Medicine and Society course throughout the medical school years as well as the KU-BALSAM Community Health Program. Her programs provide students with educational and experiential opportunities to address health holistically using the biopsychosocial model and the social determinants of health framework. 

As a global health consultant and a researcher, Dr. Habbal is the primary investigator on maternal and infant health in Abu Dhabi funded by the Early Childhood Authority. She has established a surveillance system to assess risk factors affecting maternal and child health. She has previously worked on capacity building and upskilling the health workforce globally. Her research interests include health and social determinants of health throughout the life course, medical education and maternal and child health. 

  • Family Medicine Specialist
  • Doctor of Medicine MD
  • Global Health Policy MSc

  • Medicine & Society IV (MDMS900)
  • Medicine and Society I (MDMS600)
  • Medicine and Society II (MDMS700)
  • Medicine And Society III (MDMS800)


Research Interests
  • Maternal and child health
  • Social determinants of health
  • Healthy aging
  • Medical education

Research Projects

Social Determinants of Older Adults and Healthy Aging 


Maternal and Infant health surveillance system-Abu Dhabi 

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Sara Nasser Research Assistant
Rima Kaddoura Program Manager
Balqis Alawamleh Research Assistant
Zainab Salih Research Assistant
Mayada Tayallah Research Assistant
Sara Almessabi Health Educator
Ayman Mobin Medical Student
Shafaa Al Maqdi Medical Student
Zayd Hashem Medical Student
Fatima Al Qubati Medical Student