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The Department of Biological Sciences at Khalifa University has the mandate of promoting excellence in teaching and research in the life sciences, thus catering to the strategic mission of the university, Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The department is composed of highly qualified and internationally trained faculty members excelling in research and teaching in different aspects of biological sciences.

The department hosts the BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology degree program, as well as graduate programs (combined MSc and PhD) in Molecular Life Sciences. The BSc program will graduate highly qualified future scientists and leaders in the field of life sciences that can either start their careers directly or continue their education as graduate students in various life science disciplines or post-graduate Medical Doctor (MD) programs. The MSc and PhD in Molecular Life Sciences programs contribute to Khalifa University’s desire to become a center of research in the region and beyond. These graduate programs will graduate students who are critical thinkers with the ability to use their scientific knowledge to solve problems in life sciences, and to effectively communicate complex information to various stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Department of Biological Sciences aims to be a strategic partner and interdisciplinary bridge between the various departments at Khalifa University to lead key research activities and enable excellence in life science research.


Fostering Discovery, Catalyzing Change: Our Department of Biological Sciences at Khalifa University is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and inspiring innovation. Through cutting-edge research, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to shape the future of biological sciences, contributing to a sustainable and healthier world


To conduct pioneering research, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and educate the next generation of leaders in the biological sciences. We are committed to advancing knowledge, promoting sustainable practices, and addressing global challenges. Through excellence in teaching, research, and outreach, we strive to make meaningful contributions to the understanding of life and its applications for the betterment of society and the environment.


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