Dr. Abdulrahim Sajini
Dr. abdulrahim sajini Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information
abdulrahim.sajini@ku.ac.ae +97124018421


Dr. Abdulrahim is currently leading his research group at Khalifa University with an ultimate goal of clinically using RNA molecules. His research themes focus on studying Obesity, RNA modifications and Stem cell biology. Specifically, his research group has produced the UAE's 1st Emirati human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) in order to study how Emirati genes are causing Obesity. His lab is also working on understanding the role of RNA post-transcriptional modifications in stem cell self-renewal and in RNA sorting. Prior to KU, he completed both his post-doc and PhD at the University of Cambridge working with Michaela Frye. He also completed his M.S in stem cell biology at the University of Minnesota, Medical school working with Jonathan Slack. At Cambridge, he undertook a special entrepreneur program (AccelerateCambridge) designed by the Judge business school to transform biological scientist into biological entrepreneurs. Dr. Abdulrahim’s research at KU was able to attract 3.3 million AED in total funding including 1,000,000 AED from Abu Dhabi Award for Research Excellence (AARE) 2019.

  • University of Cambridge, Post-doc, 2017
  • University of Cambridge, PhD, 2016
  • University of Minnesota, M.S 2012

  • Molecular Biophysics (BMED341)
  • Molecular Thermodynamics (BMED342)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Healthcare Engineering Innovation Center

Research Interests
  • Human induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation into adipocytes (Obesity)
  • The role of small RNA post-transcriptional modifications in stem cell self-renewal
  • The role of RNA post-transcriptional modifications (Epitranscriptome) in RNA sorting

Research Projects

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Amani Abdullah Badkok Research associate
Sarah Azzam PhD student
Adnan Uddin PhD student
Sanjana Chandran PhD student
Shahd Alshehhi shared with Dr. Anna Maria Pappa M.S student
Additional Info

Outreach activities: 

1- https://youtu.be/MFvW9pWsnwQ

2- https://youtu.be/g4LEooLioAg



Bioinformatician (B.S or M.S)