Energy and the environment are areas of major strategic planning and investment for Abu Dhabi and for the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision.

Specific priorities include renewable energy, reduction and efficient use of non-renewable sources, sustainable water management etc. The faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering performs research that responds to these challenges building on their considerable expertise in a wide spectrum of areas of science and technology that include:

  • Solar and Renewable Energy
  • Energy Storage and Hydrogen Production
  • Clean Combustion and Carbon Utilization
  • Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Cooling
  • Desalination and Water Treatment
  • Waste-to-Energy and Low-Grade Heat Recovery
  • Deep Learning-assisted Smart Energy Systems
  • Catalysis for Energy Conversion

The departmental faculty is in close collaboration with colleagues leading energy/environment-related research in other departments through the Energy/Environment Research Thrust in Khalifa University. The key departmental research themes include:

  • Concentrated Solar Power and Heat Storage (Masdar Institute Solar Platform)
  • Solar Thermal Energy and Light Absorption (Interfacial Energy Transport Laboratory)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Clean Energy (Alibaba-KU Joint Innovation Laboratory)
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy (Micro-processing Lab/Dynamic Battery Group)
  • Low/No-Carbon-Trace Combustion and Emission Control (Laser Diagnostics Lab/Reactive Flow Modeling Group)
  • Catalysis for Green Energy
  • HVAC and Building/District Cooling