The Khalifa University Fabrication Facility is a 350m2 cleanroom fabrication facility that has a number of tools for deposition, growth, patterning and etching of advanced materials. The facility supports faculty and students from all departments through an established proposal review process.

The facility is split into four bays. The first is a class thousand metrology bay, followed by a second class thousand deposition and etching bay. The last two bays are class hundred bays that house several etch, deposition, photolithography, e-beam lithography and wet processing tools.

Regularly scheduled training is offered on various Fabrication Facility equipment and techniques. These classes can be found on the training section of the Fabrication Facility website:

The training is split into a multi-week sequence, starting from a mandatory pre-requisite, cleanroom safety training and orientation session, and then transitions to hands-on training on various tools and techniques.

Rules of operation, equipment use and PPE requirements are discussed with users at each training session.


Masdar City, 1A Building, Undercroft area


For trained and certified users only: Sunday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm


This policy has been adopted to ensure everyone’s safety and productivity in the facility. You are expected to be aware of, understand, and adhere to our policy.

Safety Rules and Regulations:


Leslie George
Micro and Nanofabrication Core Lab Instructor
Masdar City campus,
SAF 1A Building, Undercroft

Tel: +971 2 810 9227