Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Khalifa University is an interdisciplinary field that advances knowledge in engineering, biology and medicine, and improves human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice.

Using AI and cutting-edge technological means BME fosters the acquisition of new knowledge and understanding of living systems through the innovative and substantive application of experimental and analytical techniques based on the engineering sciences, along with the development of new devices, algorithms, processes and systems that advance biology and medicine and improve medical practice and health care delivery.

BME covers a wide spectrum of activities including the development of advanced Micro-/Nano-technologies and biomaterials for improved implantable medical devices; the engineering of molecular, cellular, and tissue approaches and constructs; the enhancement and application of medical instrumentation and imaging technologies; the advanced biomechanics and rehabilitation bio-robotics along with smart IoT and wearable sensors for human behavioral modeling.


Academic Faculty

Dr. mohamed seghier Professor, Director, Healthcare Engineering Innovation Center
Dr. Habiba Al Safar Professor, Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Director of BTC
Dr. Kinda Khalaf Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. herbert jelinek Associate Professor, Lecturer, Lecturer



Post-Doctoral Fellows
Research Associates
Research Assistants

Graduate Students

Halima Alnaqbi PhD Candidate
Selwa Boularaoui Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Yahya Alzaabi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Sarah Azzam Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Nahla Rizk Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Leena Alkaabi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Kenana Muaiad Al Adem Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Ghada Alhussein Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Amna Samjeed Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Aibobek Seitak Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Aamer Alshehhi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Ruba Alkaabi Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Farah Abuhantash Graduate Student, M.SC CHEG
Shaikha Abdulmajeed Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Anwar Alkatheeri Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Balqees Almazrouei Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Taif Almarashda Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Sara Nasrat Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Sara Albarguthi Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Mary Krystelle Catacutan Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Feryal Alskafi Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Deema Islayem Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Afnan Mansour Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED
Fatima Alshamsi Graduate Student, M.SC. BMED