Dr. Fateh Bouchaala
Dr. fateh bouchaala Assistant Professor Earth Sciences

Contact Information
fateh.bouchaala@ku.ac.ae 02 312 3365


Dr. Fateh Bouchaala received his PhD in Geophysics from the European Institute of Marine Sciences, France. His research focuses on the study of wave propagation from micro (Mega-Hertz) to macro scale (less than 1 Hertz), potential and rock physics methods. He is applying his research on petroleum exploration, environmental studies, seismic hazards, groundwater exploration and civil engineering.

Dr. Fateh Bouchaala was awarded for a Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellowship, which is the most prestigious European research  fellowship. He joined an international team for studying seismic hazards in the West Bohemia area (German-Czech border). His study was used as a baseline by European Nuclear Energy Agency (ENEA), to assess the seismic hazards on nuclear power plants. 


Dr. Fateh Bouchaala is an active member of several geophysical and engineering associations: American Geophysical Union (AGU), Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG), European Association of Geoscientists and Engineering (EAGE), Association Française de Mecanique (AFM). He received several international awards during his career such as best presentations in two international conferences and ADNOC awards. He also serves as an active reviewer for several international peer reviewed journals namely, Geophysics, Geophysical Prospecting, Geophysical Journal International, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Geophysical Prospecting, Materials and Energies. He is an associate editor of Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal.

  • PhD in Geophysics, European Institute of Marine Sciences, France.
  • MSc Mechanics, University of Rennes 1, France

  • Applied Geophysics (PGEG351)
  • Geophysics Internship (PGEG398)
  • Petrophysics and Logging (PGEG401)
  • Reflection Seismology (PGEG312)
  • Reservoir Geophysics (PGEG410)
  • Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing (PGEG361)
  • Senior Research Project I (PGEG497)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Petroleum Institute

Research Interests
  • Wave propagation
  • Seismic wave attenuation
  • Fractures characterization
  • Nonlinear behavior of materials
  • Natural and safe storage

Research Projects

Investigation of seismic attributes to study fractured and saturated media

Information about natural fractures are usually obtained from the analysis of core, fullbore formation micro-imagers (FMIs), borehole images (BHIs), mud losses, and production logs obtained at the well location. However, interpretation of such data remains subjective because it depends on human evaluation, and it is only valid at the well location. In this project new methods are adopted and developed in order to investigate fractures at different scales, and to obtain physical properties of fractures. The main objective of this project is to perform a comprehensive study of fractured media by using several methods and integrating different type of data. Another objective is to understand seismic wave attenuation mechanism in carbonate rocks, which is closely related to fractures.

Updating Seismic Hazard Assessment in the UAE

The National Center of meteorology has over fifty seismic stations mostly in UAE and few in some neighboring countries and their vision is to provide Excellence in meteorological and seismological services, the aim of this research is to create a regional strong motion database in UAE and utilize it for different application. It will be created through event signal processing, data analysis and remote sensing.

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Aala Awad Idriss Mohamed Laboratory Engineer (2020-2022)
Seda Rouxel (Main Advisor) PhD student
Guibin Zhao (Main Advisor) MSc student
Jianming Chen (Main Advisor) PhD student
Alejandro Diaz-Acosta (Main Advisor) MSc student (Defended in 2022)
Ezdeen Raed Ibrahim (Main Advisor) MSc Student (Defended in 2021)
Ahmed Eslambouly (Co-advisor) MSc student (Defended in 2022)
Hala Abu Shehab (Co-advisor) MSc student (Defended in 2022)
Sana Haroon Anamangadan (Co-advisor) PhD student
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