Advanced Power and Energy Center



Prof. ahmed al-durra Professor, Associate Provost for Research
Prof. mohamed el moursi Professor, Director, Advanced Power and Energy Center, IEEE Fellow, Distinguished Lecturer-IEEE PES, UAE Distinguished University Professor (2022), Mission Innovation Champion (2019)
Dr. ameena al-sumaiti Associate Professor
Prof. vinod khadkikar Professor, IEEE Fellow, Deputy Director, Co-Editor-in-Chief - IEEE Trans on Industrial Electronics, Distinguished Lecturer – IEEE IAS, IEEE IAS Fellow Evaluation Committee Member
Prof. ehab el-saadany Professor, Dean of College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Dr. balanthi abdul r beig Associate Professor
Dr. khalifa al hosani Associate Professor
Prof. hatem zeineldin Professor, Department Chair
Dr. noureddine harid Associate Professor
Dr. omar al zaabi Assistant Professor
Dr. tarek h.m. el-fouly Associate Professor
Dr. jamal alsawalhi Assistant Professor
Dr. khaled al jaafari Assistant Professor


Dr. nirmal mukundan c m Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Amr Mabrouk AbdelAty
Dr. Amr Mabrouk AbdelAty Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. dalia yousri Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. saleh edhah Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. utkal ranjan muduli Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. biyadgie ayalew Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Younes Isbeih
Dr. Younes Isbeih Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Abhisek Sukadev Mishra
Dr. Abhisek Sukadev Mishra Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. nguyen hoach Postdoctoral Fellow
Saikrishna Kanukollu
Saikrishna Kanukollu Research Engineer
Dr. radha kushwaha Postdoctoral Fellow, IEEE Senior Member
Dr. motiur reza mohammed Postdoctoral Fellow, IEEE Member
Mohamed Elimam
Mohamed Elimam Research Engineer
Haroon Rehman
Haroon Rehman Visiting Researcher
Dr. Atul Singh
Dr. Atul Singh Visiting Researcher
Rathor Sumitkumar
Rathor Sumitkumar Visiting Researcher
Vikah Kumar Saini
Vikah Kumar Saini Visiting Researcher
Dr. Surour Al Araifi
Dr. Surour Al Araifi Postdoctoral Fellow


Abass Afolabi Yahaya
Abass Afolabi Yahaya Graduate Student, PhD
Ammar Atif Ibrahim
Ammar Atif Ibrahim Graduate Student, PhD
Babina Babu Maliyekkal
Babina Babu Maliyekkal Graduate Student, PhD
Fahd Muhammad Shifa
Fahd Muhammad Shifa Graduate Student, PhD
Guanqun Qiu
Guanqun Qiu Graduate Student, PhD
Hamdihun Abdie Dawed
Hamdihun Abdie Dawed Graduate Student, PhD
Kaif Ahmed Lodi
Kaif Ahmed Lodi Graduate Student, PhD
Mohamed Tagelsir Elsir
Mohamed Tagelsir Elsir Graduate Student, PhD
Mohammad Qayyum Ahmad Suhail
Mohammad Qayyum Ahmad Suhail Graduate Student, PhD
Muhammad Noman Ashraf
Muhammad Noman Ashraf Graduate Student, PhD
Muntathir Altalaq
Muntathir Altalaq Graduate Student, PhD
Nasser Jamal Saeed Al-Saif
Nasser Jamal Saeed Al-Saif Graduate Student, PhD
Shahbaz Ahmad Khan
Shahbaz Ahmad Khan Graduate Student, PhD
Shraf Eldin Sati Abdelgader
Shraf Eldin Sati Abdelgader Graduate Student, PhD
Abdullahi Oboh Muhammed
Abdullahi Oboh Muhammed Graduate Student, PhD
Ahmed Mousa Abughali
Ahmed Mousa Abughali Graduate Student, MSc
Ahmed Mohammed Osman
Ahmed Mohammed Osman Graduate Student, PhD
Rawdha Alkuwaiti
Rawdha Alkuwaiti Graduate Student, MSc
Ahmed Refaat Elshamy
Ahmed Refaat Elshamy Graduate Student, MSc
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelemam
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelemam Graduate Student, PhD
Wahab Ullah
Wahab Ullah Graduate Student, MSc
Mohamed Atef Shahboob
Mohamed Atef Shahboob Graduate Student, MSc
Prince Aduama
Prince Aduama Graduate Student, MSc
Mohamed Montasir Babiker
Mohamed Montasir Babiker Graduate Student, MSc
Ahmed Almamoun Awad
Ahmed Almamoun Awad Graduate Student, MSc
Nour Moustafa Shabar
Nour Moustafa Shabar Graduate Student, MSc
Hammad Khalid Hasan
Hammad Khalid Hasan Graduate Student, MSc
Omar Adil Mashkoor Al Isawi
Omar Adil Mashkoor Al Isawi Graduate Student, MSc
Rawan Ahmed Abdelsalam
Rawan Ahmed Abdelsalam Graduate Student, MSc
Abdelrahman Tarek Gaber
Abdelrahman Tarek Gaber Graduate Student, MSc
Omar Alisawi
Omar Alisawi Graduate Student, MSc
Ahmed Alzubaidi
Ahmed Alzubaidi AlNokhba Program
Nurym Noyanbayev
Nurym Noyanbayev Graduate Student, PhD

Alumni & Former Staff

Dr. biyadgie ayalew Postdoctoral Fellow
Eng. Nouf Alammari
Eng. Nouf Alammari Power Projects Engineer, Abu Dhabi Transmission and Dispatch Company, TRANSCO, UAE
Eng. Youssef Badran
Eng. Youssef Badran Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Damietta University, Egypt
Eng. Ahmed Saafan
Eng. Ahmed Saafan Research Engineer at Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Eng. Faisal Sattar
Eng. Faisal Sattar R&D Engineer, Virtual Power Plan and Smart Grid Integration Group at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority - DEWA R&D
Eng. Ameera Almarzooqi
Eng. Ameera Almarzooqi Power Network Protection Engineer, Abu Dhabi Transmission and Dispatch Company, TRANSCO, UAE
Eng. Fatama Alshehhi
Eng. Fatama Alshehhi Engineer at KATIM, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Eng. Hamad Albeshr
Eng. Hamad Albeshr R&D Technologist Business development & excellence - DEWA R&D
Eng. Joshua Smend
Eng. Joshua Smend Head of Hybrid Energy at Rental Solutions and Services, UAE
Dr. Samrat Acharya
Dr. Samrat Acharya Power Systems Research Engineer || Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, Washington, USA
Eng. Wasiu A. Sanusi
Eng. Wasiu A. Sanusi Staff Analytics Engineer, GE Grid Solutions
Dr. Aram Kirakosyan
Dr. Aram Kirakosyan Power System Analyst, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Eng. Isaac Otchere
Eng. Isaac Otchere Senior Electrical Engineer-Operations at JOSANTI INFOIMAGING CONSULTANCY, Ghana
Dr. Muhammad Anwar
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Power Systems Researcher (Operations Research Specialist), INENIA Labs, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Eng. Nada Al Awadhi
Eng. Nada Al Awadhi Founder and CEO at The Bookshelf, UAE
Eng.Desmond O. Ampofo
Eng.Desmond O. Ampofo Researcher PhD Candidate, University of Bremen, Institute of Automation Technology
Eng. Suud Hasen
Eng. Suud Hasen PhD Candidate, Gazi University, Ankara, Ankara, Turkey
Dr. Abdulla Al Shimmari
Dr. Abdulla Al Shimmari Founder – CEO, (Human Capital Management System), UAE
Dr. Mazheruddin Syed
Dr. Mazheruddin Syed Power Systems Lead, WSP, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Dr. Khaled Alobeidli
Dr. Khaled Alobeidli Electricity Sustainability Engineer, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), UAE
Dr.Khachatur Torchyan
Dr.Khachatur Torchyan Cell Test R&D Engineer, Circu Li-ion - Automated Battery & Cell Upcycling, Luxembourg.
Dr. Po-Hsu Huang
Dr. Po-Hsu Huang Senior Staff Controls Engineer at Tesla, USA
Dr. Baraa Mohandes
Dr. Baraa Mohandes Postdoctoral Research Associate at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Dr. Ahmed Tahboub
Dr. Ahmed Tahboub Technical Network Capability Planning Lead - NG ESO Leamington Spa – UK
Dr. Iraklis Nikolakakos
Dr. Iraklis Nikolakakos Senior Project Manager, Technology Innovation Institute, UAE
Dr. Ahmed Zidan
Dr. Ahmed Zidan System Studies Tech. Lead Engineer, Hitachi Energy, Centre of Competency (COC), Sweden
Dr. Younes Isbeih
Dr. Younes Isbeih Postdoctoral Fellow
Mohamed Elimam
Mohamed Elimam Research Engineer
Dr. Tasneem Assaf
Dr. Tasneem Assaf Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Surour Al Araifi
Dr. Surour Al Araifi Postdoctoral Fellow