Center for Cyber-Physical Systems

About Us

People and businesses increasingly manage their activities via networked devices, giving rise to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) that converge the physical and digital worlds. In this Internet-of-Everything (IoE) world, CPSs also generate and transmit massive amounts of data across networks, resulting in the need for cybersecurity to ensure that transactions can be trusted. The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS) builds on the notion that society will continue to evolve around the IoE, driven by transformation of data into actionable knowledge via computing hardware and emerging computer science approaches such as Deep Learning. Researchers at C2PS seek to deliver disruptive innovation in sectors that include energy, transportation, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

The C2PS is the only center in the UAE that is capable of designing electronics chips for communication, security, health care, space, robotics, AI, and any other applications. 

“The Internet was set up was to interconnect computers, enabling people worldwide to share data and to talk to each other. Today, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enable all types of physical objects to communicate among themselves and with humans at any time, working together to achieve common objectives. This gives rise to complex Cyber-Physical Systems, characterized by high degree of autonomy and intelligence.

The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS) was established as an interdisciplinary research Center within Khalifa University in July 2018. I am honored and glad to serve as the C2PS Founding Director. At C2PS, we carry out applied and theoretical research to gain deep understanding of key Cyber-Physical System (CPS) components, including sensor devices, network systems and protocols, edge-cloud computational architectures and applied Artificial Intelligence for modeling and analytics.

Our key objective is delivering innovative CPSs that guarantee key properties like scalability, security, privacy and resilience to attacks. C2PS brings together top KU faculty from several Departments. We work together with in-house research staff and students to develop and apply CPS concepts in four key areas: Edge-Cloud Computation and Blockchain, Mobile Network and 5G, Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber-Security and Privacy.The C2PS is funded by an internal grant by KU and receives targeted and project-oriented funding from companies and other UAE funding agencies.”


Center Leadership

Prof. Ernesto Damiani Khalifa University, UAE
Dr. sami muhaidat Professor, Deputy Director of the 6GRC
Dr. davor svetinovic Associate Professor
Dr. chan yeob yeun Associate Professor