A podcast to explain the important research taking place at Khalifa University through an entirely auditory medium. KU Radio Science offers a different way to connect with our community and stakeholders and communicate relevant information about KU research, which is particularly effective for those who prefer listening to reading.

Life as a Khalifa University MD Student

Abdulhamid Mustafa Abdi, 3rd year MD student, shares everything you need to know about life as a Khalifa University MD student. Tune in for his insights to the programme and top tips to succeed.

New and Improved Solar Panel Materials

With a global push to curb the negative effects of climate change in full force, finding new materials to improve solar cells is key. Dr. Ammar Nayfeh introduces silicon-germanium alloys for use in solar applications.

Industrial Decarbonization with Hydrogen

As the world seeks more efficient and environmentally-friendly sources of energy, attention has turned to low-carbon hydrogen production and applications. Prof. Lourdes Vega explains how and why hydrogen could help decarbonize our economy.

The climate conditions of the UAE. Fog, rain, dust storms and air quality.

Dr. Diana Francis gives insight into the climate conditions of the UAE. Fog, rain, dust storms and air quality

The Evolution of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates

Dr. Athol Yates gives insight into the rapid rise of UAE’s security forces through history, and its impressive impact on the safety and stability of the country.

Hydrogels Producing Eco-friendly Clean Water from Salty Water with Dr. TJ Zhang

Dr. TJ Zhang and his research team have developed a device for direct solar vapor generation, an off-grid distillation technology which could tackle water scarcity in hard-to-reach areas.


Dr. Habiba AlSafar’s research into the Emirati genome started when she noticed a lack of information about her people in available genomic data. Until she and her team sequenced the first whole Emirati genome in 2020…

The Future of Space Exploration with Dr. Ramy

Dr. Mohamed Ramy El-Maarry discusses The Future of Space Exploration and sheds light on the biggest questions: Is there life on Mars? Could the moons of Jupiter be hiding microbes? What would an alien civilization see if they looked at Earth?

Organic Bioelectronics for In Vitro Systems with Dr. Babis Pitsalidis

Organic bioelectronics sound super sci-fi, but they’re the key to understanding the interface between electronic materials and biology

Modeling Li-Air Batteries to Optimize their Performance for Powering Electric Vehicles with Dr. Ahmed Al Hajaj

Combining the oxygen in the air with the lithium in a battery cell could create batteries with more than five times the energy than those currently powering all our electronics…

Breathing for Covid Detection with Dr. Ahsan Khandoker & Mohanad Alkhodari

The sound of a person’s breathing, cough or even their voice could all be used to help diagnose patients with Covid-19…

Microbiome and Diseases with Dr. Mohammad Al Bataineh

Dr. Mohammad Al Bataineh researches the human microbiome and how it interacts with health and disease…