The DBF team has been dedicatedly expanding its community outreach and updating the KU community on the DBF contest and our competitive team. The team has also worked closely with the AIAA student chapter at Khalifa university to promote the DBF team through numerous events. This partnership allowed the team to reach a network of aerospace enthusiasts and gain a broader reach.

Such events include the club’s day, where the AIAA booth included a part dedicated to the DBF team. Over 200 freshman and sophomore students interested in aerospace were targeted, and gained substantial information on the DBF competition, the requirements, and the fundamentals of aerospace engineering. Students also had the chance to view a previous year DBF plane and ask questions to broaden their knowledge.

Moreover, the DBF planes and team progression was showcased again part of the “Aero Break” event at KU, where numerous students, including staff and postgraduate students, got the chance to learn more about the DBF contest and got a crash course regarding the fundamentals of designing a plane through a fun interactive workshop.