Team Name : Novaero

Plane Name : Zenith

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team manages the acquiring and distribution of materials and vital components required to build the plane. They team overviews the process of sourcing, procurement, logistics, and inventory management, which aids in ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of resources.

Media Management

The Media Management team focuses on creating and designing content featuring our project. In addition, they focus on the promotion of the team and plane, as well as documentation and communication strategies. Their goal is to showcase the project's progress and achievements to their target audience, and host many events at Khalifa University to increase community awareness.

Aerodynamics & Stability

The Aerodynamics & Stability team is responsible for designing and optimizing the aircraft's aerodynamic characteristics to ensure stable and efficient flight. They analyze the airflow and work with simulations as well as develop strategies to enhance the aircraft's performance, stability and overall efficiency.

Structures & CAD

The Structures & CAD (Computer-Aided Design) team focuses on designing and analyzing the physical structure of the aircraft. They use CAD software to create 3D detailed models of the aircraft. In addition, they ensure the plane has a solid structure that meets the safety and performance standards. This team plays a crucial role in shaping the physical form of the aircraft.

Avionics & Propulsion

The Avionics & Propulsion team is responsible for the electronic systems and propulsion mechanisms of the aircraft. This includes designing, integrating, and working with both avionics and propulsion systems, essential for ensuring the aircraft's functionality and reliability.

Manufacturing & Assembly

The Manufacturing & Assembly team manage the physical production of the aircraft, coordinating the planes assembly and managing the manufacturing process. They work on turning design specifications into tangible components that can be fabricated, assembled and integrated correctly into the production of the plane.

team leads

Faculty Advisors

Dr Rafic Ajaj

Dr Ashraf Al Khateeb

Dr Yahya Zweiri

Team Lead

Farah Ahmed Farouk

Media Team


Bashayer Alhammadi

Shamma Alharmoudi

Shouq Alhammadi

Fatema Alkawwari

Supply Chain Team


Khaled Albadi

Mohammad Ahmad

Aerodynamics Team


Khaled Alkatheri

Abdulrahman Alhosani

Mohammed Alameri

Rasheed Albusaeedi

Farah Farouk

Structures & CAD Team


Mohammed Natsheh

Mohammed Alkalbani

Meira Alhassani

Aisha Alyaarabi

Ayesha Alkatheeri

Ayesha Almansoori

Baraah Fraihat

Mohammed Al-Haddad

Avionics Team


Ahmad Alomari

Khaled Alshaloubi

Saeed Almansoori

Wadima Alkaabi

Salama Alshamsi

Mahra Alharmoodi

Manufacturing Team


Omar Alhousani

Eissa Almardoud

Ahmed Alhabili

Marwa Almazrouei

Fatema Almarzooqi


Alanoud Almurshidi