Research Opportunities


Rooted in Khalifa University’s commitment to world-class research and academic integration, the Department of Computer Science is a hub for innovative education and cutting-edge research in computing. We aim to build strong foundations that align with the UAE’s national priorities and global technological advancements.

Educational Excellence

Our department offers an extensive curriculum that spans all major areas of computer science, with a special emphasis on AI and data science, intelligent and secure digital systems, and software engineering. Our programs, from undergraduate to PhD levels, are designed to intellectually challenge our students and prepare them for impactful roles in technology, academia, and research sectors. The university has achieved significant rankings internationally. The university aims to maintain a notable 8:1 student-faculty ratio, to provide a personalized approach to education.

Research and Innovation

Our research focuses on interdisciplinary sectors such as artificial intelligence, energy, health, and aerospace, and strategic cross-cutting enablers such as manufacturing. We are at the forefront of computer science research, contributing to areas that are crucial for the UAE’s economic growth and technological platforms. We actively engage with leading industry, government, and academic organizations, fostering partnerships that enrich our research and educational programs. Our strong ties with the tech industry offer unique opportunities for internships, job placements, and staying updated with industry trends. Some partners include but not limited to AWS, Aspire, Edge, and TII.

Diversity and Inclusion
Preparing Future Leaders

Our graduates are known for their robust technical skills, ethical awareness, and problem-solving capabilities. They are prepared to become leaders who contribute significantly to the technological landscape, both regionally and globally.

Admission Requirements

Detailed admission guidelines can be found in the Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions sections.

Join Us

We invite prospective students, collaborators, and academics to explore our department, engage with our vibrant community, and contribute to the dynamic and essential field of computer science.


Academic Faculty

Dr. ernesto damiani Professor, Acting Dean of the College of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Director of the Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS)
Dr. hassan barada Professor, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Dr. hadi otrok Professor, Acting Chair of the Computer Science Department
Dr. khaled elbassioni Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Dr. rabeb mizouni Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Dr. yousof al-hammadi Acting Senior Vice President, Academic and Student Services, Associate Professor and Assistant Vice President, Graduate Studies