C2PS Symposium

C2PS Symposium

Symposium Message

Khalifa University Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (KU-C2PS) is pleased to announce its first symposium which gathering the center researchers and potential research partner organizations and companies. The event will proudly present the center’s projects under two of its four themes; “Networks and Communication Technology, and Computation Architecture.”
The projects of the “Networks and Communication Technology” theme have been placed to address several major challenges for the realization of the next generation wireless networks, including the high energy and spectral efficiency, low latency, and massive connectivity. On another hand, the theme of “Computation Architecture” is focused on research related to selecting the proper platform, infrastructure, and technologies to facilitate and support at any scale the required compute, storage, and networking functionalities for CPS and IoT ecosystems.
We aim to create an understanding and practice of empowerment, with the support and development of existing technologies capabilities, and responsibility for global standardization. We are thus improving the quality of life, as well as cyber technology experience for users in the long term.

Who is this this for?

This event is for policy and decision-makers, innovators, researchers, as well as technology companies who are interested in changing the way in which we practice 5G and Emerging Distributed Architecture.

Director Message

“We are privileged to live in such a dynamic time where emerging technologies create endless opportunities for value creation.

Looking back to the last decade, we can easily highlight the game-changers, i.e. discoveries that ushered in a new framework for thinking, spurred scientific enquiry, and revolutionized our lives. Thanks to such discoveries, we no longer assert that something is technologically impossible, we only wonder how long before it will fit in the hand of a child. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) promises to add efficiency at all layers of our globalized society’s fabric. From industry, to business, government, and even entertainment, IoT is going to change our lives for the better enabling a smarter, sustainable future. The Center on Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS) carries out applied and theoretical research to further our understanding of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) integral to the 4th Industrial Revolution, IoT, and Smart Communities.

We are committed to researching the complete range of technological areas underlying CPS, supporting secure technological innovations required to achieve the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and make existing businesses more efficient and profitable.”

08:30 am Registration + Networking + Poster
09:30 am Opening Remarks Dr. Arif Al-Hammadi

Dr. Steve Griffiths

09:40 am A Key 6G Challenge and Opportunity — Connecting the Remaining 4 Billions Prof. Slim Alouini
10:25 am  Direct Bit Loading with Reduced Complexity and Overhead for Precoded OFDM Systems Dr. Arafat Al-Dweik
10:45 am  Coffee Break
11:00 am  Role of Communications in remote healthcare and overcoming digital divide Prof. Muhammed Imran
11:45 am  Opportunistic Ambient Backscatter Communications in RF-Powered Cognitive Radio Networks Dr. Sami Muhaidat
12:05 pm Lunch
01:00 pm  Advancing Financial Inclusion By The Mean Of Blockchain Based Payment System For Petty Trade Dr. Perpétus Jacques Houngbo
01:20 pm  Trust Nexus for Blockchain – IoT – AI Systems Dr. Davor Svetinovic
01:40 pm  Drones’ secure and safe operation Dr. Abdulhadi Shoufan
02:00 pm  Coffee Break
02:15 pm Panel Discussion Moderated by Prof. Ernesto Damiani.
02:45 pm  Closing Note Prof. Ernesto Damiani

Guest Speakers

Prof. Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Associate Dean,
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia

Prof. Muhammad Ali Imran

Vice Dean,
heads the Communications, Sensing and Imaging CSI research group,
Glasgow College UESTC

Dr. Perpétus Jacques Houngbo

Cybersecurity Expert,
West African Response on Cybersecurity and fight against Cybercrime (OCWAR–C),

PI Speakers

Dr. Arafat Al-Dweik
Dr. Sami Muhaidat
Dr. Davor Svetinovic
Dr. Abdulhadi Shoufan

Khalifa University,
Main Campus,
R Building,
3rd Floor Auditorium

For more information, email: c2ps@ku.ac.ae

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