System-on-Chip Lab

About Us

The System-on-Chip Lab (SoCL) at Khalifa University is the only lab of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. The SoCL is dedicated to the design and realization of advanced electronic circuits and systems and sensory devices. The expertise in the lab covers the various facets of electronic systems, including digital, analog, and mixed-signal.  The key personnel of the SoCL have extensive experience that includes working on the design and implementation of cutting-edge industrial electronic systems at leading international companies.

The SoCL has the full industry-standard suite of electronic design tools to enable the realization of sophisticated electronic systems.  This includes field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) as well as optimized system-on-chip implementations for application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) and full custom.  The SoCL has access to various international chip manufacturing companies, including Global Foundry.

The SoCL at Khalifa University attracts many students at both undergraduate and graduate levels to work on exciting projects that have applications in many fields, which is part of the lab’s focus on educating students and providing them with hands-on skills in electronic circuits design. Students who work on SoCL projects will become skilled graduates of value to the various industries in the UAE that require electronic circuit and hardware designers.

The faculty and researchers at SoCL are engaged in cutting-edge research aimed at providing solutions and advancing the boundaries of knowledge.  This effort is well demonstrated through their publications in leading international journals, participation in conferences, and patents that have been awarded.

The SoCL is built on the success of the Khalifa Semiconductor Research Center (KSRC) and the Institute Center for Microsystems (iMicro) at Masdar Institute.  

Dr. Baker Mohammad’s talk at the 5th International Conference on Memristive Materials, Devices & Systems

Mission Vision Impacts

The mission of the SoCL is to provide opportunities to enable a highly-skilled workforce to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE’s electronic hardware sector, in line with the UAE Centennial 2071 vision. Being the only lab in UAE with a comprehensive range of expertise that can deliver integrated SoC/electronics (system-on-chip electronics), the SoCL aims to support the local industry with hardware solutions.

The vision of the SoCL is to be a world-leading system-on-chip design lab with a collaborative research and development environment addressing the UAE’s industry needs.

Lab Leadership

Dr. Baker Mohammad Professor, Director, System-on-Chip Lab, Acting Chair, Computer & Communication Engineering
Dr. Mihai Sanduleanu Associate Professor
Dr. Hani Saleh Associate Professor
Dr. Mohd Rezeq Associate Professor