Dr. Moh’d Rezeq
Dr. mohd rezeq Associate Professor Physics

Contact Information
mohd.rezeq@ku.ac.ae +971 2 312 3936


Dr. Moh'd Rezeq is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics. He has a long experience in nanotechnology fields, with more than 50 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, and 4 patents. He has established a nanofabrication and nano-probe lab at Khalifa University (KU) with the capability of fabricating and characterizing nanomaterials at sub-1 nm scale. His research is dedicated to low-power and energy-efficient nano-devices and nanomaterials. He is a PI for several internal and external funded research projects. He is a founding member of the System on Chip research lab. He has supervised several graduate and senior undergraduate students, in addition to 3 postdoctoral research fellows. He is a recipient of “Excellence in Research Award” from KU. Prior to joining KU, Dr. Rezeq worked in several world-class research institutes such as the National Institute of Nanotechnology (NINT)/Canada, and the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)/Singapore.

  • PhD in Physics - University of Ottawa / Canada

  • Advanced laboratory I (PHYS351)
  • Advanced Solid State Physics (PHYS707)
  • Applied Electromagnetics (ECCE320)
  • University Physics I (PHYS121)
  • University Physics II (PHYS122)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • System-on-Chip Lab

Research Interests
  • Nano-electronic devices and nano-sensors
  • Nano-lithography and nanofabrication
  • Field ion and electron microscopy
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Superconductivity

Research Projects

Nanoparticles based nano-memory devices and nano-biosensors. 

1- We build nano-memory devices using individual metal (like gold or silver) nanoparticles coated with a thin layer of oxide as unit nano-memory cells. 

2- We use monolayers of nanoparticles for bio-sensing. 

Nano-photo sensors

We use carbon nanotubes as nano-rectennas for infrared and optical light detection and solar energy harvesting  

Nano-probe fabrication

We fabricate nano-probes with sub-1 nm apex for nano-characterization. 

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Yawar Abbas Research Scientist
Firdous Deader PhD candidate