Dr. Moh’d Rezeq
Dr. Moh’d Rezeq Associate Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Interests

Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Rezeq is an associate professor of Physics and has a long experience in nanotechnology fields. He has more than 50 peer reviewed journal and conference papers, and 4 patents. He has established a nanofabrication and nano-probe lab at Khalifa University (KU) with the capability of fabricating and characterizing nanomaterials at sub-1 nm scale. His research is dedicated to low-power and energy-efficient nano-devices and nanomaterials. He is a PI for several internal and external funded research projects. He is a founding member of System on Chip research center. He has supervised several graduate and senior undergraduate students, in addition to 3 postdoctoral researchers. He is a recipient of “Excellence in Research Award” from KU. Prior to joining KU Dr Rezeq worked in several research institutes like, the National Institute of Nanotechnology (NINT)/Canada, and the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)/ National University of Singapore.

  • B.Sc., Physics, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1990
  • M.Sc., Physics, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1992
  • PhD., Solid State Physics, University of Ottawa, Canada, 2002
Teaching Areas
  • Classical mechanics and electromagnetism
  • Applied electromagnetics and optics
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Quantum physics
  • Solid state physics
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Nano electronic systems
  • Nanomaterials fabrication and characterization
Research Interests
  • Nano-electronic devices and nano-sensors
  • Nano-lithography and nanofabrication
  • Field ion and electron microscopy
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Superconductivity