Approach & Operating Principles

Research Laboratories Department Approach

  • Focus on building communities and infrastructure
  • Provide clear separation of fixed cost vs. project costs
  • Provide for both needs driven and strategic expansion
  • Foster collaboration and industry partnerships to grow capabilities
  • Aggregate and push information to our user base

Research Laboratories Department Approach

The department operates under the following core operating principles:



Clearly delineated line between facility responsibility and project responsibility, the facility is a basic substrate which can be cross purposed to suit many different project goals based upon management and strategic goals.


Our management model is flexible to allow for quick expansion into emerging fields of research. New project areas can be funded/de-funded without significantly impacting the overall lab structure.


Core Labs provide a stable base of support which the faculty can count on, the core facilities are funded, maintained and managed to support long term project and research planning. Additionally, the labs are operated in a way that provides optimal information flow and scheduling to enable short term planning, for example all equipment status, training registration and equipment reservation tasks are available 24/7 online.


Our belief is that we must take care of the significant infrastructure investment that Khalifa University represents and our system provides for efficient allocation and use of resources while maximizing their usefulness and benefit to Abu Dhabi.