Our Research Fabrication and Prototyping Workshop contains a woodshop, a machine shop, a welding shop, and a fabrication shop. The Machine Shop provides design consultation, as well as precision machining on all types of prototyping and custom-designed parts. Machine shop provide full service; order the required raw materials, fabricate the device. Our goal is to provide support to our faculty as well as researchers and students within the Institute. Machine Shop can accommodate the needs in a reliable and timely manner. Machine Shop can do machining in a broad range of materials such as, polymer, carbon-steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, as well as other materials depending on the requirements of the design specifications. The machine shop is equipped with a full complement of machinery.


Masdar City, 1A Building, Undercroft area


Users can access equipment from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Sunday till Thursday.


Students are not permitted to work without a Technician / supervisor in the Machine Shop. An approved Machine Shop employee must be present at all times.Students should not allow to use the machine shop during weekends and after office hours. However in special situations students may allow to use, if the lab director permits to use the shop. All who enter the shop must sign-in at the office. Safety glasses must be worn at all times. Tinted or Sunglasses are not to be used in the shop. No sandals or open-toe shoes. Work boots or street shoes ONLY. Do not wear loose clothed or jewelry. Tie back long hair. Material Safety Data Sheets must be supplied on materials not listed in shop MSDS book before work can begin. Do not lay rags on lathe or mill. All metal scraps and cuttings are to be disposed of in the proper recycling drum. Do not put trash or metals of unknown composition into the recycling drum, separate plastics. Accidents and/or machine problems must be reported immediately to the Supervisor. The Lab Director and faculty will be notified to determine possible disciplinary action when failure to report a problem promptly, lying, or false statements take place


Nellimala Abdul Shukoor
Machine Shop Supervisor
Research Laboratories
P O Box 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: +971 2 810 9056