Welcome to the webpage of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University!

Mechanical Engineering is the discipline that puts the laws of mechanics – classical, and at a rapidly increasing pace, modern- to work in order to design, construct, and operate engines, machines, devices, and processes that address societal and industrial needs. The relation of mechanics to engineering is as ancient as it has been beneficial to humanity, in fact the Greek word “mechanic”, really means… engineer! 

The underlying scientific fundamentals relate (but are not limited) to mechanics of the continua (solids and fluids), dynamics, control theory, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, materials science, and computational and applied mathematics. Mechanical engineers apply these scientific fundamentals in a wide variety of sectors of the economy that are of strategic importance to the UAE, such as energy and the environment, automation and robotics, manufacturing and structures, health and biomechanics, security, defense, and transportation.

You are welcome to explore our webpage and find out about the bustling educational and research activities with which the department of Mechanical Engineering responds to the contemporary challenges of our discipline. The department offers a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduate degrees (MSc and PhD) in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. These are interwoven with a multi-faceted research activity that involves extensive interdisciplinary and international collaborations and has already established KU as an internationally recognizable center of excellence in the mechanical sciences.

So, enjoy the ride! We will be happy to address any inquiries, if you address them to:

Prof. Dimitrios Kyritsis, Department Chair, dimitrios.kyritsis@ku.ac.ae

Ms. Hamda Alshamsi, Department Administrator, hamda.alshamsi@ku.ac.ae

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