Dr. Hamad Karki
Dr. hamad karki Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information


Dr. Hamad Karki is currently an Associate Professor at the department of the Mechanical Engineering

Department at Khalifa University. His Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees are from Tokyo University of

Technology and are in Mechatronics Engineering, System Electronic Engineering and Engineering

respectively. He joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Khalifa University (former the Petroleum

Institute) in 2008 as an assistant professor and assumed his duties in research, teaching and services. Dr.

Karki’s research interested is oriented around autonomous field robots, design and control, which includes

vehicles and drones. He enjoys teaching his classes as well as mentoring senior design projects every year.

He served in many departmental and institutional committees as a member and a head. Dr Karki served

as a director of the internship program to send interns to oil and gas related companies. During his

deanship of the college or arts and sciences, he initiated programs to support freshmen to be productive

university students and developed the curriculum to enhance the learning process.

  • Ph.D. Robotics Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan (2005-2008)
  • M.S. System Electronics Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan (2003-2005)
  • B.S. Mechatronics Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan (1999-2003)

  • Computer-Controlled Systems (MEEN 356 )
  • Dynamic Systems and Vibration (MEEN 350 )
  • Engineering Dynamics (MEEN 201 )
  • Feedback Control (MEEN 621)

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • KU Center for Autonomous Robotic Systems
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute

Research Interests
  • Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Field Robots, Autonomous Inspection,

Additional Info

Dr Hamad Karki is leading an Organized Research Unit called Smart Sensing Systems. The Smart Sensing Systems group is multidisciplinary powerhouse of scientific and engineering innovation within Khalifa University. The group specializes in designing, developing and transferring state?of?the?art sensing technology for energy, aerospace, defense, and healthcare sectors. The group expertise is focused on subsurface sensing, imaging, nondestructive testing, measurement & instrumentation with standalone, autonomous, and robotic platforms. The group has active research thrusts on Radars, microwave & millimeter wave imaging, antennas, structural heath monitoring, and inspection of nonmetallics. Its recent research projects amount to multimillions and mostly externally funded. The group capitalizes on unique  infrastructure consisting of state?of?the?art robotic platforms, microwave & millimeter wave equipment as well as other sensing modalities such as ultrasonic and thermal sensing systems. The research and development outcome of the group has been demonstrated in numerous publications and patents. The group works in close collaboration with the local industry and has proven record of technology transfer to the industrial fields in the UAE.