Dr. Ludovic F. Dumée
Dr. Ludovic F. Dumée Assistant Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Interests

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Ludovic (Ludo) Dumée is an Assistant Professor who joined Khalifa University in August 2020. and is a member of both RICH and CMAT excellence research centers.

Dr. Dumée is developing advanced materials for separation applications, primarily focused on nano-scale and nano-porous carbon and metal materials. His research interests lie with the engineering of responsive separation materials allowing for simultaneous capture, sieving, conversion or sensing of contaminants or resources in dilute streams. He has developed scalable technologies to generate nano-porous membrane materials and surface modifications towards resource recovery and brine management, microplastics remediation and healthcare separation (blood, cell separation).

Dr. Dumée previously worked at Deakin University (2020 – 2012), the University of Melbourne (2012-2011) and the CSIRO (2011-2007), in Australia.

Amongst other awards, Dr. Dumée previously received several prestigious Research Fellowships in Australia, including an Australian Research Council DECRA Research Fellowship (2018) and an Alfred Deakin Research Fellowship (2014). He also received a Victoria Fellowship in 2018 from the Victorian government. He was awarded the Prize for Best PhD Thesis as well as a Chancellor Citation in 2012 for his work on desalination with membrane materials.

Dr. Dumée was a founding member of the Membrane Society of Australasia and is currently a board Member of the Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS). He currently holds a Honorary Fellowship with Deakin University (Australia) and a Visiting Professorship with the ENSCM (France).

Curious, he likes tackling new challenges and always develops a problem-solving approach focused on innovation and excellence. He has published > 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts in materials engineering, water and separation related journals.

  • PhD, Materials Engineering, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), 2012
  • MSc Eng, Materials Engineering, ENSISA (Mulhouse, France), 2007
  • MSc Sc, Surface Science, Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse, France), 2007
Teaching Areas
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Diffusion Limits in Nano-porous Materials
  • Materials Engineering and Advanced Characterization
  • Academic Writing (Good Practices Towards Motivational and Educational Writing)
Research Interests
  • Advanced materials and interfaces engineering
  • Microporous materials (MOF, COF…) downsizing
  • Healthcare materials (extractive and separative)
  • Resource recovery and conversion (liquid – brine, gas – CO2)
  • Membrane separation and membrane catalytic reactors
  • Microplastics remediation – impact on water processing