Dr. Bilal Hassan
Dr. bilal hassan Postdoctoral Fellow Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Bilal Hassan earned his Ph.D. in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems from Beihang University, China, in 2021. He commenced his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Foundation University, Pakistan, in 2013, and progressed with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UET Taxila, Pakistan, in 2016. Dr. Bilal is a proficient engineer and researcher, boasting experience in both the academic and industrial spheres.

In the telecom sector of Pakistan, he accrued valuable experience, including a one-year tenure as a Management Associate at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) and three productive years as an Assistant Divisional Engineer at National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC).

Presently, Dr. Bilal is associated with Khalifa University in the UAE as a Postdoctoral Fellow under the esteemed guidance of Prof Jorge Dias and Dr. Majid Khonji. His current research focuses on computer vision and machine learning, emphasizing their wide-ranging applications. Dr. Bilal is affiliated with the Autonomous Vehicle Lab, where he is deeply involved in autonomous driving projects. His focus is primarily on the perception aspects of these systems, with special interests in teleoperation, off-road, and mapless navigation techniques.

  • [2021] - PhD - Beihang University, China
  • [2016] - MS - UET Taxila, Pakistan
  • [2013] - BS - Foundation University, Pakistan

  • Algorithmic Robotics Lab (COSC432)
  • Cognitive Robotics (ECCE-755) – TA Duties
  • Autonomous Robotic Systems (ECCE-658) – TA Duties

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • KU Center for Autonomous Robotic Systems

Research Interests
  • Deep Learning
  • Robotic Vision
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Human-AV Interaction
  • Multi-Agent Systems

Research Projects

Situational awareness of autonomous vehicles in UAE extreme operating conditions

Autonomous navigation of self-driving vehicles in UAE extreme operating conditions

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  • Fatima Kashwani – MS Student
  • Ali Fadhlani – BS Student
  • Mohammad Nassar – BS Student
  • Khalid Alsayed – BS Student