The KU Main Campus is located on Abu Dhabi Island at the intersection of Al Saada St. and Old Airport Rd. It is where the central administration for the University is located and all general education courses are taught.

The Main Campus covers over 135,000 square meters and houses 105 laboratories, including state-of-the-art aerospace and underwater robotics labs, 72 classrooms, the UAE’s largest academic sports center, retail and food outlets, and multi-story parking.

A campus extension was completed in 2016 with a new building that won the award for best Cultural and Institutional Project at the 2015 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Interior Design and Architecture Awards. The building was inspired by the Arab region’s rich artistic history and heritage. The interior design contains curves and ellipses that are meant to mimic the beauty and purity of the desert.

The academic sports center, which is housed over four stories, consists of separate men’s and women’s facilities featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment, fitness studios, and courts for basketball, squash, volleyball and badminton.

The Main Campus also features a 200-meter long pedestrian walkway, called the Creative Spine, which spans the heart of the campus, providing clear and unobstructed views of the main buildings, while encouraging innovation through interaction and a collaborative academic environment.

The Main Campus holds one library, a clinic, a student hub with a dining room, and numerous cafes and restaurants.

campus facilities

  • Student Hub
  • Sports Facilities
  • Student Housing
  • Food Services
  • Retail Shops
  • Library
  • Clinic
  • Other Services
Student Hub

The Student Hub at Khalifa University’s Abu Dhabi campus offers students a comfortable area to relax between classes, get homework done, or have a coffee with friends. The Student Hub is located on the ground floor of the library building (next to the Khalifa University Discovery Center) and includes restaurant services, homework tables and comfortable benches.

Both male and female activity rooms are located on the ground floor of the Academic Building. The activity rooms provide various recreational equipments such as table tennis, billiards tables, and treadmills, along with television and seating areas.

Sports Facilities

Khalifa University boasts one of the largest fitness facilities in the UAE in an academic institution. Housed over four stories, the gym consists of separate two-level men and women’s facilities, featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment as well as studios for Yoga and others for martial arts, such as Boxing and Taekwondo. There are also multi-use courts for basketball, squash, volleyball and badminton.

The facilities are manned by experienced personal trainers and fitness professionals who guide students, faculty, staff and alumni in proper techniques, in addition to organizing various group classes.

Student Housing

Living at Khalifa University’s residences offers students the opportunity to develop their social skills in tandem with their academic potential while forging lasting friendships and participating in social activities.

Khalifa University’s students come from many backgrounds, and we aim to be accommodating of cultural differences. It is our hope that students will learn and thrive in the presence of other cultures and traditions.

Student housing is available at  Sas Al Nakhl campus. All housing facilities are managed by on-site staff and security team. Two types of residence quarters are available for students: male-only and female-only. Students are expected to be respectful and considerate of all different cultures, customs, and traditions.

Food Services
Retail Shops

The library is located on the first floor and is sized at 851 square meters. The Abu Dhabi campus library offers computers, scanners, photocopying services, study rooms and study carrels. Library staff provide comprehensive instruction on the use of resources and finding information on an individual basis or in a class setting

Other Services

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