At Khalifa University, our specialized university nursing services play a crucial role in fostering positive student development. Our focus encompasses a range of essential services to ensure the well-being of our students:

Health and Safety Promotion

Facilitate optimal student responses to normal development, promote overall health and safety, and intervene with potential health concerns.

Comprehensive Care

From recognition and management of minor illnesses to identifying common major illnesses, the team is equipped to provide comprehensive care.

First Aid Expertise

The experienced team is trained to administer first aid in various scenarios, including injuries to bones, muscles, or joints, eye injuries, burns, scalds, shock, allergic reactions, and poisoning.

Emergency Response

The nursing team acts promptly and effectively during medical emergencies on campus, administering Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and utilizing Automated External Defibrillators (AED) when required.

Health Records Management

The nursing also helps maintain accurate health records for students and employees seen in our facility, ensuring a seamless healthcare process.

Health Education

Our commitment extends beyond treatment – we provide health education through consultations, posters, flyers, and engaging health programs, both individually and in groups. It also offered vaccines and PCR test to staff and students during Covid-19 pandemic.

Vision, Mission,
and Values


The Khalifa University Clinic envisions a community where quality health care and optimal wellness are cornerstones, fostering an environment conducive to profound learning experiences.


Our mission is to provide evidence-based and standardized health care practices of the highest quality to the university's students and staff. We are dedicated to achieving and sustaining excellence by adhering to Department of Health protocols, policies, and programs. Our holistic approach focuses on preventive and rehabilitative services, contributing to the well-being of our university community.



Our commitment is to promote health, healing, and hope, always responding to the diverse needs of the human condition.


Upholding the inherent dignity and moral integrity of every individual, irrespective of circumstances, is the cornerstone of our interactions.


We celebrate and embrace the distinctiveness of each person, ideas, values, and cultural backgrounds, valuing the richness they bring to our community


Our foundation is built on unwavering honesty, transparency, and doing what is right, ensuring the trust and confidence of those we serve.


We are dedicated to co-creating and implementing transformative strategies that result in exceptional service delivery and an atmosphere of continuous improvement.