Dr. Matteo Chiesa
Dr. Matteo Chiesa Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Interests

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Chiesa is the head of the LENS (Laboratory for Energy and Nano Science) at the Khalifa University of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi. His research focuses on the creation and implementation of technologies necessary to adapt the current energy system into a more sustainable, competitive and secure one, in particular the use of properly designed nanomaterials in solar energy systems.

Prof. Chiesa's 10-years-long research efforts have been pivotal for Masdar in achieving photovoltaics projects promising electricity at record-low prices. With PPA (power purchase agreement) bids reaching as low as 1.79c/kWh, this surge of ultra-cheap installations marks a major milestone for PV technologies.

In terms of scholarly contribution, Prof. Chiesa has built a dynamic team that is recognized by his community for consistently attempting the enhancement of the AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) capability in characterizing not only morphological variations in the surface, but also identifying chemistry and even distinguishing material phases that are not straightforwardly identified by traditional techniques.  Effectively unlocking this potential depends on making use of increasingly complex modes of operation that yield large data sets whose physical meaning is not always readily apparent. Specifically the effects that atmospheric moisture and the presence of nanoscale water films on surfaces have on such processes have been consistently investigated by means of purposely developed experimental techniques.

  • PhD, Mechanics, NTNU, Norway (2001)
  • Siv. Ing. Mechanical Engineering, NTNU, Norway (1997)
Teaching Areas
  • Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Materials
  • Thermal Properties of Materials
  • Advances in the Investigation of Intermolecular & Surface Forces
Research Interests

Research Thrusts

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Materials Science

Research Topics

  • High spatial and time resolution Characterization

  • Light Matter Interaction for Novel Solar Applications

  • Nanostructures for Energy Harvesting

  • Functional Coating for the Energy and Health Sector

  • Advanced Composites for the Aviation Industry

Recent Research Projects

  • High efficiency, lightweight, radiation-resistance space solar cells enabled by 2D material based layer transfer (2DLT) (4200 KUS$). Flagship project PI M. Chiesa 2016-2020

  • Scale Mechanisms for Wettability Alteration: Insight in the Development of Wettability Inversion Strategies (4890 KUS$). Externally Funded Oil Subcommitee. PI M. Chiesa 2015-2017

  • Carbon Nano Structured Materials Characterization & Modeling (967 KUS$). Externally Funded Lockheed Martin Company. PI M. Chiesa 2013 - 2016