Dr. Andreas Schiffer
Dr. Andreas Schiffer Assistant Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Interests

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Andreas Schiffer is a faculty member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. He obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Oxford in 2013, graduating with a thesis on the response of submerged structures subject to underwater blast. Before joining the Khalifa University of Science and Technology in April 2014, Dr. Schiffer was granted an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship at Imperial College London where he worked for one year as a Research Associate in the Department of Aeronautics.

Dr. Schiffer’s research interests cover multiple themes in the broad area of Mechanics of Materials and are currently focused on the design, modeling, and testing of advanced lattice materials and multifunctional composites processed via additive manufacturing. He is also interested in studying the response of materials and structures subject to extreme environments, such as blast and shock loading, and he also conducts research in the area of nondestructive testing using solitary wave-based diagnostic schemes.

  • PhD, Engineering Science, University of Oxford (UK), 2013
  • Dipl. Ing., Mechanical Engineering, Graz University of Technology (Austria), 2009
Teaching Areas
  • Engineering Dynamics
  • Machine Element Design
  • Materials Strength and Fracture
  • Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
  • Introduction to Computing using Matlab
  • Finite Element Analysis
    Research Interests

    Research Thrusts

    • Solid Mechanics
    • Manufacturing and Structures
    • Materials Science

    Research Topics:

    • Mechanics of materials
    • Composites and cellular solids
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Impact and blast-resistant structures
    • Nonlinear waves
    • Non-destructive testing

    Recent Research Projects: 

    • Development of nano-carbon-zeolite hybrid supports for novel hydro-processing catalysts” (Sponsor: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), Principal/Co-Investigator: Dr. A. Schiffer / Dr. S. Kumar, 2018-2019)

    Summary: Hydrocracking is used in the petrochemical industry to convert heavy hydrocarbons into lighter, value-added products using a bi-functional catalyst composed of metal particles and an acid support. This project aims to develop hybrid hydrocracking catalyst supports with hierarchical pore structure by incorporating nano-carbons (CNTs, Graphene) into the acid support (zeolite).

    • Additive Manufacturing of Multifunctional PEEK Composites for Biomedical Applications:  Characterization & Modeling to Innovative Product Design – A Holistic Approach” (Sponsor: Competitive Internal Research Award (CIRA) – Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Principal/Co-Investigator: Dr. A. Schiffer / Dr. S. Kumar, 2018-2021)

    Summary: Orthopaedic implants represent one of the largest segments of biomedical devices, with global market value exceeding USD 45 billion. This project focuses on additive manufacturing and design of medical grade PEEK composites with nanoscale and/or microscale fiber reinforced cellular materials architecture exhibiting multifunctional properties.

    • Bend-dominated mechanical metamaterials with high specific strength and stiffness enabled by additive manufacturing” (Sponsor: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), Principal/Co-Investigator: Dr. A. Schiffer / Dr. S. Kumar, 2020-2023)

    Summary: Mechanical metamaterials are synthetic materials whose mechanical properties are governed primarily by the architecture of their intricate cellular or porous microstructure. This project aims at developing novel strategies for the design and fabrication of geometrically tailored mechanical metamaterials with enhanced specific strength, stiffness and energy absorption capacity.