Instructor :
Dr. Dinesh Shetty
Start date
End date

The proposed project aims to design and synthesize series of polymers for efficient CO2 adsorption and/or electro- or photochemical reduction to value-added products. The design of the project involves tailoring synthesis of polymers with catalytically active metal centers featuring high surface area and high chemical stability in extreme pH conditions. This work provides an experimental strategy that can be employed to control the physical and chemical properties of polymeric networks including their electronic and energy-states to achieve novel electro/photo-responsive behavior, and utilize them as green, sustainable environmentally benign and industrially viable catalysts. This investigation will be part of a larger active research on the development of catalysts for energy and chemicals.

Expected outcome from the Student's work

The primary role of the student is to conduct the designed experiments to synthesize a series of polymers and their complete characterizations including photophysical properties. Based on the screening, lead polymers will be tested for their potential in CO2 adsorption and its electrocatalytic reduction. The outcome of the project primarily results in an efficient green photocatalyst development for the conversion of CO2 to industrially relevant products. The student will have hands-on experience in material characterizations and catalysis.

Terms & conditions
  • A fundamental knowledge in polymer chemistry is required. Prior knowledge in materials science, organic synthesis and/or porous materials is a plus.
  • Technical handling skills in wet chemistry.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication skills.