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KU provides a variety of venues and facilities such as auditoriums, multipurpose halls, board meeting rooms, meeting rooms, computer lab and classroom.

KU facilities suits all types of events, conferences, seminars and meetings , with full supports form KU teams regarding logistics, in-house catering and technical supports across KU’s two campuses:

  • Main campus: in the heart of Abu Dhabi city and its commercial capital, with a capacity of 1,000 car parking.
  • Sas Al Nakhal Campus: Near Khalifa City and close to many Abu Dhabi landmarks such as Sheikh Zayed mosque, ministries area and ADNIC (Parking area available)

What kind of facility you are looking for

  • Medium Auditorium
  • Big Auditorium
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Board meeting rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Computer Lab & Class Rooms
Medium Auditorium

A range of small- and medium-sized auditoriums located across both campuses, fully supported with sounds systems and projectors.

Big Auditorium

State-of-the-art auditorium with a capacity of over 600, audio and video support, easy access and parking facilities.

Multi-Purpose Halls

Different types and sizes of Multi-Purpose Halls that can suit a wide range of activities, workshops and events.

Board meeting rooms

Fully equipped and elegant board meeting rooms which have a capacity of over 20.

Meeting Rooms

A range of small and medium meeting rooms located at both campuses, fully supported with sounds systems and projectors.

Computer Lab & Class Rooms

Computer laboratory equipped with high-tech computers and multimedia tools.