Khalifa University has a wide variety of student services which support students and ensure student success and retention. It ensures students have opportunities to make successful transitions to the university setting and to learn career readiness skills while maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Career and Alumni Services
Student Success
Career and Alumni Services

Khalifa University’s career services aim to support students in developing career plans and goals, improve employability, and build relationships with industry.

Khalifa University’s Career Services aim to:

  • Educate and empower students to develop, implement, and continuously evaluate their academic and career goals
  • Assist students in their transition from students to employees
  • Liaise with departments to plan appropriate career workshops
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to develop relationships with potential employers
  • Provide career development and networking opportunities
  • Help students and alumni develop soft skills by offering workshops and learning opportunities on resume development, cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking skills
  • Empower students to be socially conscious, culturally sensitive leaders committed to civic engagement and social inclusion (volunteerism)

Career and Alumni Services

Khalifa University’s Career and Alumni Services aim to maximize students’ engagement with educational and market-oriented experiences contributing to their learning and development and academic success, help students identify academic majors; develop career plans and goals, and improve readiness for employability and strengthen rapport and relationships with the industry.  Khalifa University’s Career Services aims to:

  • Educate and empower students to develop, implement, and continuously evaluate their academic and career goals.
  • Assist students in their transition from students to employees.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to develop relationships with potential employers.
  • Provide career development and networking opportunities.
  • Help students and alumni develop soft skills by offering workshops and learning opportunities on resume development, cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking skills.

Our Services

KU has a visible and strong presence in the market as one of the first universities to cover the job demands of engineers in areas of clean technology and renewable energy as well as various engineering industries.  Our offices are dedicated to support and guide students through the work-readiness process.

Internship placement opportunities are available at national and international level placement.  Eligible students for internship can find post openings on the KU Internship portal as well as promotion of KU student profiles and industry skill-set requirements.

Fostering relationship building of KU students with industry and maximize our graduates' contributions to the Abu Dhabi, UAE economy, and development of advanced energy technologies.

Career Development Course and workshops we launched a career development course, which aims to bridging the gap between education and employment, support KU students into developing and gaining the right mindset, soft and hard skills needed for internship and employment today.

Support alumni to become employment ready by offering workshops and learning opportunities for resume with cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking skills development. ​


Career Services

Alumni Services

Student Success

The Student Success Department provides services and resources designed to support and develop the personal, social and academic success of students. Through personalized advising and counseling, workshops, volunteering, and study abroad programs, Student Success fosters a learner-centered experience for undergraduate students by empowering individuals to take an active role in their own learning and development.

Student Success accomplishes this, in part, by its umbrella of services:

  • Counseling
  • Engagement & Development
  • Community Service
  • Study Abroad
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Honor Society

Counseling Services

Counseling provides support and intervention services to assist the personal growth and development of Khalifa University students. Counseling services are available through a dedicated team of professional counselors to contribute to students’ university experience at a personal and academic level and empower students to make better choices, leading to a happier and more dynamic campus life.

These services are rendered through a trustworthy, confidential and private atmosphere, where students can talk about any academic issues, personal difficulties, and social problems, such as:

  • Difficulty balancing all the demands of university life.
  • Difficulty coping with emotions (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger and stress…).
  • Interpersonal difficulties (e.g. family conflicts, friendship and parent problems…).
  • Concerns about academic issues (e.g. poor motivation, lack of concentration, test anxiety, poor time management, bad study skills…)
  • Health-related concerns (e.g. eating disorders, sleep problems, physical disability or chronic illness…). Some of those students are supported further, as Special Needs students.
  • Difficulty adjusting to campus life.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Issues with self-esteem and assertiveness skills.
  • Help with strengthening communication skills.
  • Help with developing conflict management skills.
  • Any other concern, problem, difficulty or enquiry…

Any information shared within the counseling session will be confidential and will not be shared with administrators, professors or anyone else without the permission of the student, or unless the student poses harm to themselves or others.

The counselors also offer a series of workshops throughout the academic year to support students’ academic success and personal development. The topics include, but are not limited to, time management, test anxiety, goal setting, study skills, stress management and emotional intelligence…

Engagement & Development

Community Service

The Community Service Unit endeavors to create an environment of social responsibility and student development by providing volunteer training and opportunities for KU students to service the KU community, as well as national and international initiatives. Community Service is volunteer work the students do without pay to benefit others or a community. As such, Community Service is a highly valued component of the KU education experience. It offers the students many opportunities to engage with the community in meaningful ways and directly impact the lives of others. The aim of the program is to help students develop their civic responsibility and life-long learning skills, and to become leaders who are committed to the improvement of society. In the process of engaging in community service, students will also strengthen their resume, broaden their network, and feel great knowing they helped others!

All matriculated Khalifa University undergraduate students, including all students who started after the merger in Fall 2017 are required to participate in the program. The students cannot graduate without completing the hours.

The students are encouraged to explore opportunities to make a meaningful on the community, and the primary criteria for selecting an opportunity should be based on whether it serves the community and helps others.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Unit provides students with a variety of educational and cultural experiences to expose them to challenges beyond their home countries and classrooms.

Studying abroad develops important skills and contributes to students’ growth. It also introduces them to different methodologies, and expands their employment prospects.

Our office enables KU students to enhance their academic experience and encourages them to take advantage of opportunities where they can grow and develop as global citizens. It also gives visiting students the opportunity to experience KU and the United Arab Emirates while gaining transferable credits towards their degree.

Opportunities to study abroad are available for Sophomore and Junior National students who meet the application criteria. Students can apply for a semester abroad during Fall or Spring as part of the student exchange program with our partner universities, or during the Summer as part of the short study abroad program.


Student Success provides KU students with opportunities for professional growth through short courses and boot camps in leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Honor Society

The opportunity to be a member of the international honor society Golden Key is coveted by many students both nationally and internationally.  With membership being by invitation only, selected students can proudly boast of being a member of the Golden Key, which is committed to high standards in scholastic achievement, innovation, integrity, and diversity.




Main Campus

The Hive (Building M)

First Floor

Student Council

Khalifa University strongly believes in the active participation of students in the governance of the institute.  Every student on campus, undergraduate or graduate, is eligible to serve on the Student Council.

The elected student body follows the mandate of advocating for and liaising between students and university management in campus life.

The Khalifa University Student Council promotes student advocacy, leadership skills and contributes to enriching campus life. The Student Council encourages active participation in university governance, events, representation in committees, student town hall meetings and many student activities.

SC objectives

  • To liaise between students, faculty, and administration
  • To work on behalf of the interests and needs of the students
  • To improve the intellectual, cultural, and social character of the campus
  • To work with the Student Services Office (SSO) to set up events and activities
  • To assist in the formation and success of student clubs
  • To empower students at both levels to foster a living-learning sustainable community
  • To develop their leadership skills
  • To play an active and central role in the co-curricular life of the University
Student Clubs and Associations

Student-led clubs are an integral part of the University learning process. The academic experience is enriched by participation in extracurricular activities that allow students to pursue their personal interests beyond the classroom. Whether it is arts, science, culture, history or social, there is always a place for all students’ interests.

In addition to the groups working with the Student Services Office, the College of Engineering supports a number of discipline-based student professional chapters. These are connected to the various academic programs and offer a number of opportunities for students to be involved in their activities or participate in professional events.

Wellness Rx
Anatomy and Radiology Club
The Surgery Club
Red Crescent Club
Emirati Club
Intellectual and Electronic Sports
Theater & Talent Club
Eco Club
Nippon Club
Astronomy club
Jjang Club
Debate Club
Music Club
Aventure Club
Literature club


Society of Petroleum Engineers
ASCE Student Chapter


Student Services Office

Main Campus, E Building, Level 3


The Khalifa University Student Services, Sports Team strives to advance student engagement and leadership through active participation in sports. Physical activity on campus provides students the opportunity for competition in a variety of sports at intercollegiate and social levels. 

Intercollegiate Tournaments

Khalifa University male and female sports teams compete in the Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League (ADISL) against other UAE university teams.  The sports teams dedication and commitment have always led them to top rankings in the league.  

Recreational Sports

Khalifa University offers fun competitive and​ recreational programs for students to get involved in off-campus.  It is a great way for students to make new friends, develop mind and body and learn new skills. 

Health and Wellness of our students is a top priority at Khalifa University.  Campus Life offers a broad range of on-campus and off-campus opportunities to ensure the well-being of our students. 

Fitness and wellness provides students the opportunity to improve and maintain physical health through engaging in health campaigns and fitness classes.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness of our students is a top priority at Khalifa University.  Campus Life offers a broad range of on-campus and off-campus opportunities to ensure the well-being of our students. 

Fitness and wellness provides students the opportunity to improve and maintain physical health through engaging in health campaigns and fitness classes.


Annual Events

Student Services are committed to enriching the University campus life by offering students a chance to take initiatives and assume leadership roles in the organizational aspect of extracurricular activities and empower students with lifelong learning skills.

Annual Event



Clubs Day


A showcase of different clubs and associations to promote student engagement.  Clubs Day allows various club representatives to share information and activities about their clubs with new and existing students to encourage student involvement.

UAE National Day Celebration



Coincides with the nationwide National Day celebrations.  The festivities allows all students to learn more about the long-held values of the UAE through numerous cultural activities and student performances. 

KU Global Day


Celebrate the diversity of nationalities in Khalifa University to share their home countries, traditions, cuisines and cultures with the students and wider KU community. 

New Student Orientation Day

August and January of every academic year

To welcome newly joined undergraduate and postgraduate students to the academic programs and student services offered in the University.

KU Career Fair

Beginning of Spring Semester of each academic year

Exclusive event for KU students and graduates who are looking to make good career related decisions.  Students meet with potential employers to learn more about the different organization sectors and industries and to apply to relevant job opportunities. 

Majors Day

Beginning of Fall Semester of each academic year

Inspire students through Alumni success stories.  Allows students tosee differently from new angles of vision and motivates the true desire inside them to be a catalyst for positive change in their study, work and life.


Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League

Entire academic year

Khalifa University Men and Women athletes compete against teams from other UAE universities in various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton to name a few. 

Health Awareness Campaigns

Entire academic year

The Health Awareness Campaigns plays a key role in empowering students and the KU community with the right information to make highly informed decisions on disease prevention, treatment and support.  Some of the annual health promotion campaigns held on campus are Breast Cancer, Diabetes Day and Cancer Awareness Day to name a few.