Khalifa University’s Career and Alumni Services aim to maximize students’ engagement with educational and market-oriented experiences contributing to their learning and development and academic success. The Office strives to help students identify academic majors; develop career plans and goals, and improve readiness for employability.

Our aim is to :

  • Educate and empower students to develop, implement, and continuously evaluate their academic and career goals.
  • Facilitate students transition to employees.
  • Maximize opportunities for students to develop connections with potential employers.
  • Provide career development and networking opportunities.
  • Help students and alumni develop soft skills by offering career related workshops and, strengthen their self-marketing tools whilst expanding their market knowledge base through a better understanding of the available job search strategies.

Our Services

KU has a visible and strong presence in the market as one of the first universities to cover the job demands of engineers in areas of clean technology and renewable energy as well as various engineering industries. Our offices are dedicated to support and guide students through the work-readiness process.

Internship placement opportunities are available at national and international level placement. These opportunities help students to explore and evaluate their career options in the future while still at University. Eligible students for internship can find openings on the KU Internship portal as well as promotion of KU student profiles and industry skill-set requirements. Khalifa University works collaboratively with a number of international organizations from various industries in different countries to secure proper international internship placements for KU students. International Internships offer great experience and exposure to worldwide industry and best practices. Selected students are encouraged to make the most out of this experience which is not only academically related, but also life and personal that makes student CV and personality stand out from the crowd.

Student Internship Testimonials

  • “Through this summer, I trained as an intern in Children’s National Health System in Washington DC. I learned a new programming language and a new development platform. I was also introduced to the working environment especially an interesting environment as a children’s hospital. I had the chance also to visit many cities in the US and had fun while gaining knowledge” –Hazza Daiban, Computer Engineering
  • “In this past summer, I had spent 3 months in Germany interning for a company called NewStore. The company provides software solutions to various retail stores. Throughout, I worked as part of an agile software development team that follows a framework called SCRUM….. Being in such place outside one’s comfort zone has developed me not only academically, but also personally through independency and problem-solving” – Saeed Maatouq Alnuaimi, Computer Engineering

Fostering relationship building of KU students with industry and maximize our graduates’ contributions to the Abu Dhabi, UAE economy, and development of advanced energy technologies.

Career Services constantly works to build and maintain meaningful relationships with industry leaders which greatly support Khalifa University students and graduates in their search for internships, job opportunities and other possible types of student-company engagement. We highly believe in the necessity for academia and industry to collaborate to keep up to date with rapidly changing industry requirements.

Students are encouraged to make industrial visits that are planned in collaboration with Academic Departments to leading organizations throughout the academic year. These visits are usually the student’s first opportunity to see how theory is applied and to consider their career path. They also provide prospective employers with an opportunity to meet the University’s future graduates.

To create such mutual links between KU students and alumni and potential employers, a number of events are being organized such as KU Annual Career Fair, Internship Fair, Employer on Campus Day and Majors Day.

Career Guidance bridge the gap between education and career readiness through the Career Development Course, face to face career counselling, and offering of career related workshops to help students develop the right mind-set. These workshops have direct impact on students as they learn how to become the best possible marketable job candidates. All students can benefit from career guidance program provided by the Career Services Office, whether they need support to choose the correct major, write an effective resume, excel at interviews or develop future career plan.


Alumni Requests

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Support Alumni

The Alumni Office was established to enhance and sustain Alumni close engagement with the university. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive support and services for all Khalifa University alumni, such as training opportunities, employment opportunities, outreach programs and more. The Office support alumni to become employment ready by offering workshops and learning opportunities for resume with cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking skills development.  ​

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