In light of the UAE’s Hope  Probe reaching Mars, Khalifa University’s Department of Earth Sciences would like to highlight research associated with Planetary Sciences.

They have launched a special seminar series designed for KU faculty, staff, students (postgraduates and undergraduates) and all other interested parties, to highlight the Department’s dedication to the UAE’s Space agenda and to support growth and development of the new Earth and Planetary Science Degree.

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28 January, 12pm

  • Speaker: Marko Gacesa
  • Title:  NASA’s MAVEN Mission to Mars: How did Mars lose its atmosphere?
  • Summary: In this seminar, Dr. Marko Gacesa, Assistant Professor of Physics at KU, will introduce the major scientific objectives of the NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) orbiter mission, and present its most important findings up to date in the context of what is presently known about the history of water of Mars.
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11 February

  • Speaker: Ioannis Kourakis
  • Title: Electrostatic Waves in Space plasmas in the Presence of Suprathermal Particles
  • Summary: The talk will review the basic principles of the modeling of ESWs in Space plasmas in the presence of suprathermal particles in the background. The effect of superthermality on the dispersion characteristics of linear waves will be discussed, mainly focusing on the role of suprathermals on the phase speed. The main aspects of the nonlinear modeling of ESWs based on plasma-fluid theory will be revisited from first principles, taking into account a kappa-distributed background. Focusing on nonlinear modes, the role of the spectral index (kappa) on dynamical localized wave features (amplitude, existence region and propagation characteristics) will be elucidated. Applications of this modeling in relation with Space observations will be discussed, in particular focusing on satellite observations and on data provided by the Cassini (Saturn) and the MAVEN (Mars) mission. 
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TBD February

  • Speaker: Manish Patel 
  • Title: TBA 


18 February

  • Speaker: Paul Savage
  • Title:  The search for Zn isotope anomalies in bulk primitive meteorites


25 February

  • Speaker: Ernst Hauber
  • Title:  Icy environments on Mars: Hints at Climate Change and Targets for Future Exploration


4 March

  • Speaker: Alan Collins
  • Title:  A full plate global reconstruction from 1 Ga to present, and the critical role of the Arabian-Nubian Shield in constraining this mode


11 March

  • Speaker: Simona Ferrando
  • Title:  Raman spectroscopy in Earth Sciences


18 March

  • Speaker: Nicolas Waldmann
  • Title: TBA


25 March

  • Speaker:  Jun Matsushima 
  • Title:  Combining cosmic-ray muography and seismic exploration: Seafloor gas characterization using undersea vehicle tunnel in Tokyo Bay, Japan


1 April

  • Speaker: Dr. Leo Eisner 
  • Title: Induced seismicity – how to differentiate between induced and natural seismicity


8 April

  • Speaker: Goran Andjic
  • Title:  Episodic accretion and collision along the convergent margin of southern Central America: insights from the stratigraphic record


14 April

  • Speaker: Dr. Zita Martins, University of Lisbon 
  • Title: TBA


22 April

  • Speaker: Dr. Susanan Ebmeier
  • Title:  TBA