The Office of Research Services (ORS) has primary responsibility for managing research grants and contracts funded by government, industry, non-profit, NGO and academic sponsors. ORS also develops the policies, procedures, administrative infrastructure, ethical approvals, training and systems to support responsible grant and contract management through the stages of proposal development, budgeting, contract negotiation and post-award management. For general inquiries, please contact us.

If you are a Khalifa University faculty member or researcher and need forms, templates or policy information, please go to our internal website.

Meet the team
John Radkowski Director of Research Services
Nada Naser Associate Director, Post-Award
Lama Omar Jamhawi Manager, Research Compliance and Training
Fareeda Al-Hosani Pre-Award Acting Manager
Jamil Ur Rahman Research Systems Senior Specialist
Fatima Alhmoudi Post-Award Senior Specialist
Zayed Al Mazrouei Post-Award Senior Specialist
Noura Alhameli Pre-Award Officer

External programs


We support investigators applying to external research sponsors. This includes budget and proposal development, facilitating internal approvals, application compliance, and issuance of subawards.

Contacts Fareeda Al Hosani Noura Alhalmeli


We assist research teams with awarded projects to establish budget accounts and monitor spending and progress report filings.

Contacts Zayed Al Mazrouei Fatima Alhmoudi

For general inquiries contact us at: ors@ku.ac.ae

Compliance and Training

Khalifa University has a Research Ethics Committee (REC), sometimes referred to as an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that oversees research involving human subjects. Additionally, Khalifa University has an Animal Research Oversight Committee (AROC), sometimes referred to as an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) that oversees research involving animals. These committees ensure that all research projects utilizing human subjects or animals comply with international and UAE regulations. For further guidance on these committees or on using human subjects or animals in research, please contact research.compliance@ku.ac.ae. Alternatively, you can visit the research compliance page under the research section of the KU portal to get additional information about research involving human subject or animals, and the related committees.

The compliance and training team also provide training to the faculty and ORS staff on ethical conduct of research, research systems, and grant development.  

Research Systems

All research projects must be entered into the Research Management System and proposals route for internal approvals and further action. We support both the ORS departments and all faculty in aligning the system capability with the users’ needs. We also configure workflow, and provide research data and information to the Khalifa University community.