Numerical Methods in Quantitative Finance & Biology

Principal Investigator
Jorge Passamani Zubelli
Focus Area
Numerical Methods in Quantitative Finance & Biology

The Abu Dhabi and Dubai stock exchanges are among the most important ones in the region. Combined, they comprise a market capitalization of over 230,000 trillion USD. The size and complexity of such financial markets require the development of new mathematical and statistical tools.

This apparatus, when conjoined with the speed of modern computers and the availability of multiple sources of data, can be extremely powerful in dealing with the main challenges addressed in this project:

    1. Assessing, quantifying, and managing risk and volatility in financial markets employing large data sets and multiple information sources.
    2. Understanding and quantitatively describing complex phenomena such as trade agreements, social interactions, contagious dynamics, and biological phenomena.
    3. Solving relevant statistical inverse (calibration) problems that arise in medical and biological contexts such as in impedance and optical diffusion tomography.
Numerical Methods in Quantitative Finance & Biology